Body Image

Years in Practice

1-3 years


Queen Creek AZ 85142 - United States



Additional Expertise

Confidence Coach, Dating Coach, Health Coach, Weight Loss Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Excuses kill progress. Nothing can change unless we take responsibility.

About Kal Irwin

Kal Irwin is an elite coach and transformation expert that can help you lose weight for good, and transform the quality of your life by awakening your inner strength, courage, and power. Through personal experience losing over 150 pounds and as a Certified N.A.P & N.L.P. Practitioner Kal is helping people transform their bodies and their lives.
Kal had struggled with weight problems all of his life. He tried dozens of diets and exercise plans, employed nutritionists and trainers but always seemed to fall back into his old habits. At age 36 Kal found himself weighing 376 pounds, profoundly unhappy, unhealthy, and increasingly turning to food and alcohol to numb his pain. He realized he was living a life he never wanted or intended and decided to try something radically different.
Kal began to work with specialists in neuroscience, human psychology, and neuro-associative programming. Through this process, he was finally able to break up the deeply ingrained patterns that had held him back and replace them with healthy, empowering habits that succeeded where all the fad diets and workouts had failed. And the benefits didn’t stop at weight loss, Kal found he was happier, more confident, and more fulfilled than he had ever been, and saw dramatic improvements in every aspect of his life. It was during this transformation that Kal realized his life’s purpose was to help others to get these results in their own lives.

After experiencing firsthand that the weight loss industry doesn’t care about helping people make lasting change, he invested years learning to understand what it really takes to achieve transformation like the one he experienced.

Kal has spent five years attending events and volunteering for Tony Robbins and studied professionally for a year with N.A.P. Coaching Academy to become a Certified N.A.P & N.L.P. Practitioner. He can help any person who has struggled with weight issues change the programs and beliefs that have kept them from long-term success. These people can then begin living the amazing, healthy, fulfilling lives they deserve.

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