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How YourTango Experts Helps You

We connect you to millions of people looking for help around issues near and dear to their heart — and aligned with your expertise!

We list your business in our professional directory so potential clients can connect with you through your online listing, articles and videos.

Articles you write on our site can potentially be promoted on YourTango and syndicated across our vast partner network.

Finally, we teach you the principles and skills you need to help clients easily connect with you online.

We also help your content achieve high ranking on Google and other search engines.

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Custom listing in our Expert Directory includes your professional biography and photograph
Hyperlinks to your website and contact information
Increased visibility on Google to potential clients looking for professional services in your geographic location
Visibility to YourTango’s 14 million monthly visitors via our searchable database
Your own personal blog on YourTango
Exclusive weekly teleclass that teaches writing and branding techniques for all skill sets
Access to a weekly list of timely and trending article ideas to write about
Guaranteed review of your articles by edit team for potential promotion to the YourTango homepage
Potential promotion of articles on YourTango’s social accounts, including Facebook and Twitter
Weekly opportunities for your articles to appear on our major partner websites such as The Huffington Post and Yahoo!
A personal storefront on your profile to sell books, videos, and more.
A “call-to-action” on each article linking to your website, program offers, and social media pages
Space to share client success stories on your profile
Connection to potential clients via our ”Ask YourTango” reader-engagement platform
Membership to our private Experts-only Facebook group for peer-to-peer connection
Real-time statistics, including page views, to help measure your articles’ success
Access to a high-level editor to work with you to develop one article per month (12 per year total)
A guarantee that each of your 12 VIP articles, after editorial approval, will appear on the YT homepage and relevant category landing page
Guaranteed promotion of your VIP articles to our Facebook and Twitter followers
Editor-written headlines to make your VIP articles stand out on Google and social media
Addition of high-quality photographs to your VIP articles
Expert search-engine optimization on your VIP articles to make your content easier to find on sites like Google
Guaranteed pitch of all approved VIP articles to syndication partners, such as The Huffington Post and Yahoo!
Monthly pricing
Annual pricing

save $120

save $143

If you have any questions please connect with us at customerservice@yourtango.com.or click to learn more.
* To be included on YourTango’s homepage, your articles must meet our editorial standards. To help, you will receive an e-book on YourTango’s branding and quality standards in your inbox after joining.