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About Tina Marie Bueno

Tina Marie Bueno is the Marketing Director at iLoveToReview --The #1 product review service for professional Amazon sellers in the U.S. and U.K.  With a strict commitment to compliance, our industry leading review rates, systems and seller support, iLoveToReview is the highest value solution in the industry for quality product reviews.

Tina Marie Bueno Success Stories

I love iLoveToReview!

This has been my addiction for a little over a month now! I love getting to the new products! And most of them are free! I have gotten over 250 dollars worth of product and only spent like 6 dollars total! Being a stay at home mom, this gives me something to do! Totally love this site!!!  
Torri Slawson

This is a great way to have fun - getting great products for little

I love being a member of ilovetoreview! I receive great products to review and keep - just for giving my fair and honest opinion of that product! Each day, I receive two emails, each offering a high quality item - not cheap stuff. I can choose to get the coupon, which I then use on Amazon, to get these items for FREE or at a greatly reduced price!! Plus, since I'm an Amazon Prime member, I haven't had to pay shipping on Amazon, yet! This is a great way to have fun - getting great products for little or nothing!!  
-- Joyce Fasking Thompson 

amazing products

I Love using this website! It allows me to get great deals on amazing products and all I have to do is leave a quality review and the product is mine to keep. I was skeptical of these sites before but as soon as I started using this website I knew there was nothing to be worried about! I love how professional and smoothly this website runs.
Lisa Marie Fachko