Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

6-10 years


Beverly Hills CA 90211 - United States



Additional Expertise

Marriage and Family Therapist

I Practice in

My state/province only



I Believe

in bringing you hope, a belief in your strengths and confidence that you can create positive change in your life.

About Jennie Marie Norgaard

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist in the state of California. I have been practicing psychotherapy since 2009 and have worked as a lay-counselor since 1991. I am the founder of Hope Therapy Centers in Beverly Hills and Burbank, CA.

My practice is focused on individuals, couples, families and adolescents struggling with relationships, life stages, and mental health issues that affect interpersonal communications and relationships.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Psychology with Summa Cum Laude honors in 2005 from Woodbury University and then with a Master's in Clinical Psychology with Cum Laude honors in 2010 from Pepperdine University.

In addition, to my educational and clinical background as a marriage family therapist, I have worked as a lay-counselor for various organizations since 1991. Primarily as support group facilitator with couples in pre-marital counseling and marriage counseling, individuals healing from divorce, and families navigating life-stage challenges; this provides an experience that is more comprehensive than just a Bachelor's and Master's in psychology.  I believe that this experience has offered unique perspectives and valuable insights beyond the traditional classroom setting.

My quest in the helping field began in 1980's as a peer-to-peer counselor in high school and then as a pre-med student in the early 1990's.  My experience broadened by taking a position as a health care advocate and patient surgical counselor within the medical field in 1996. In 2000, I took a position as a department administrator at UCLA Medical Center overseeing health care advocacy and patient surgical counseling for cornea transplant services. In 2002, I began working in a health institute with a focus on women's health issues.

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