When He Can't Get It Up


More and more men are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) and it has left many wondering why this is a growing trend. One of the biggest contributors to ED is poor diet as one's nutritional intake or lack thereof can cause a slew of health problems from cardiac issues to diabetes all of which have symptoms that include erectile dysfunction. Having ED is a big warning sign that your body is struggling to get adequate blood flow and is often an indicator that a man's overall health is in trouble. 

In addition to seeking an evaluation from a physician, it is also important for men to examine their diet. One of the best diets for addressing erectile dysfunction is a nutrient-rich, plant-based diet that excludes animal products. There are a few wonderful books on the subject such as Super Immunity and Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger just to name a few. What is remarkable is that not only is erectile dysfunction in many cases reversible so are the underlying health issues that cause it such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Beyond an evaluation from a physician and a change in diet, there are also some fantastic new sex toys on the market that help to increase blood flow and assist in keeping an erection during sex. For more information on this, make sure to check out Holistic Wisdom's erectile dysfunction sexual products article which outlines the latest in helpful ED products such as vibrators for men, penis rings, penis pumps and prosthetic hollow dildos. 

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Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D. is the founder and C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. which provides sexual health and wellness education, resources and products. To learn more about what are the latest developments in nontoxic sex toys and sexual health topics visit – HolisticWisdom.com