Business Management

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10 years +


New York NY 10280 - United States



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Career Coach, Change Management Expert, Consultant, Leadership Coach, Personal Development Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

Make the grass greener where you are.

About Hemda Mizrahi

Hemda Mizrahi coaches elite performers like professional athletes and entertainers who seek to transfer their peak performance skills to entrepreneurial ventures that include social missions. She collaborates with clients to develop exit strategies and transition plans that honor their accomplishments while accounting for changing market conditions and lifestyle needs. In aligning their investments with their values, capabilities, and life stages her clients are able to maintain the integrity of their legacies.

Hemda’s work as an entrepreneur coach and consultant to small and mid-size companies spans the full life cycle of a business venture or career, from preparing for a successful start, to making a graceful exit and launching yet another beginning. Her involvement in the operation of a preschool founded by her parents when she was a toddler has informed her insight into realities that are especially relevant to family-run businesses.

She addresses issues related to performance, leadership, and transitions, engaging her expertise as a certified business and wellness coach and a licensed counselor to address both the emotional and practical aspects of change.

Since relationships are crucial to both business development and life satisfaction, much of Hemda’s organizational work focuses on improving both the customer and the employee experience, along with quality of life for business owners. This includes ensuring that the values and philosophies of strategic partners and other stakeholders gel with those of the entrepreneur or company.

Hemda partners with an extensive network of subject matter experts to provide a full range of coaching and business consulting services. She values lasting connections with clients who recognize that the process of change must be calibrated if transformation is a goal. As a first generation American born to parents who immigrated twice, she is tuned into the experiences of minority and immigrant entrepreneurs.

Hemda served as a leadership advisor to top global performers at JPMorgan Chase, where she also provided coaching for national career advancement and talent reassignment programs for over 13 years. She was an advisor for the Career Development Program at Shearman and Sterling, and has coached individuals spanning industries such as the military, publishing, advertising, technology, and fashion. She was a Director in healthcare and higher education, and member of advisory boards.

Hemda is the host and producer of “Turn the Page,” an Internet radio show that increases access to expert advice on topics related to entrepreneurship, transitions, and other aspects of business and personal wellbeing.

She earned masters degrees in Counseling and Organizational Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. She holds a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, and is trained in image consulting and mediation.

Hemda is known for her calming presence and ability to elicit clarity and perspective in her clients by drawing on their capabilities and insights. Clients share that she “gets it,” is “easy to talk to, empathic, and a great listener.” Guided by a love of hospitality and community, she believes that being clear about a personal and organizational mission enables compatible people to come together. Hemda’s philosophy is that collaboration trumps competition, and conflicts dissolve as we each embody our purpose and place in the world.