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Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker/Presenter

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“If we’re going to be responsive to this age we cannot choose between a life of reflection and a life of action. Both are essential. We have to act and reflect simultaneously. We can’t afford the luxury of either-or.” – Marilyn Ferguson

About Gwen Garcelon

My life’s commitment is to nurture the desire and expand the innate capacity of people to embody a world that reflects the highest evolutionary potential of humanity.

As a staff member of the international citizen action group RESULTS, I coached and trained volunteer political advocates world-wide in the movement to end poverty for over a decade. I learned about being a game-changer by working alongside visionary leaders  like Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus (RESULTS Board Member, Founder of Grameen Bank), Sam Daley-Harris (Founder of RESULTS and The Microcredit Summit Campaign), Lynne Twist (The Hunger Project, Founder of The Pachamama Alliance), and Marshall Saunders (RESULTS Group Leader, Founder of the Citizens Climate Lobby.)

As president of HighLife Unlimited, I’ve empowered community leaders and the success of community efforts for over 15 years.  My deep joy is in helping people to create breakthrough working relationships and a personal “inner game” capable of generating the thriving world they know is possible.

HighLife Unlimited embodies my stand for the capacity of people to transform the world as they personally become more congruent expressions of love, service and wholeness in their own lives and as leaders. I am my own greatest experiment, as a community organizer, social entrepreneur, meditator and devoted adventurer in evolutionary consciousness for 25 years.

My degrees are from Williams College and an M.A. in Community Leadership from Regis University.  But perhaps my greatest learning has come from being intrepid single mom to Emmet, 8, and Suzannah, 7. HighLife Unlimited dedicates a portion of its profits to support a world where the dignity and safety of all our children receive our highest attention. 

Gwen Garcelon Success Stories


"I've been so blessed to work with Gwen for the last few years, and have been thrilled with the progress I've made healing my limiting beliefs and overcoming challenges in my career, health, and relationships.  For example, just last week a client was getting nasty with me, and instead of letting my hurt feelings and bruised ego turn the situation into a big mess as I've done my entire life, I was able choose compassion and authenticity.  I was amazed when what was quickly becoming a refusal to pay and mutual resentment instead became a tip and a referral! " - Amy Hutton