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Business Coach, Energy Healer, Leadership Coach, Relationship Coach, Wellness Coach

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Everything is choice. Everything is infinite possibility. Everything is the question. Nothing is the answer.

About Gary Douglas

25 years ago, I founded Access Consciousness®, a body of transformational life changing tools and processes. I’m an international speaker, business innovator, and best-selling author. My target is to inspire people to see different possibilities. The Access Consciousness tools are now offered in 173 countries with 2,000 trained facilitators worldwide.

When I was young, people would ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I’d say, “Happy.”

They’d say, “No, no, no son. What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I’d say, “Happy.”

They’d say, “No, no, no. Do you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or an Indian chief?”

I’d say, “Yeah, as long as I’m happy.”

Unlike most of the people I knew, I wanted to be happy.  I became aware of this difference by watching people create their lives and seeing that none of it was about the joy and the possibilities – it was always about the wrongness of everything. I found it crazy.  I didn’t understand.  I tried to function from unhappiness but I just wasn’t good at it! Why would you choose unhappiness?

I began exploring consciousness and energy in 1990 after realizing that I wasn’t happy with my life. My life seemed like a series of endless daily routines and even though I’d had the cars, I’d had the houses, and I’d had the success, I had also reached a point where none of it meant anything to me. I started to become aware of just how unhappy I really was even though everything appeared great on the outside. Everything that was considered valuable in this reality, I had – and it still wasn’t enough.

Life, as I was experiencing it, was a lot of hard work, a lot of effort, a lot of trauma, drama, upset and intrigue – and not very much joy. I knew there had to be more to life or else there was no reason to be alive. There had to be more than this reality was offering because there was nothing about it that was magical, joyful or expansive. So I started asking myself what else was possible beyond all of this?

I began to look for some answers and that led me down some interesting paths! I tried lots of metaphysical and spiritual practices but they only worked for about 3 days and then my life would go back to the same old thing.   I had tried everything and it just didn’t work for me. It was at this point that I started wondering what I could be aware of that I wasn’t currently willing to be aware of?  I knew there had to be another possibility.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the magic, ease, and exuberant expression of living that I was seeking are all around us: it’s the choices we make, it’s everything we create, and it’s consciousness. Even though some amazing things had shown up in my life as soon as I asked for them, I didn’t see the magic I had created.

Since that time, I’ve learned to think differently about the universe and the consciousness and the oneness that we all are, and the possibilities that are an intrinsic part of it. In so doing, I’ve been able to make some tremendous changes in my life and help other people make changes in theirs as well.

I made a choice that the tools and processes we use with Access Consciousness® must be pragmatic, applicable to life, and must allow anyone and everyone to make their life work.

My target is to create more consciousness in every aspect of my life.  I create my life with more ease and joy than anyone I know by knowing what my target is.  My choices aren’t based on what is right or wrong according to this reality.  They are based on what will create the most consciousness.  I am always asking, “How will this create more consciousness?”  As a result, my life keeps getting better, and better, and better, and better, and better, and better, and better!

My point of view is that you need to be looking to create something that is going to augment and expand the future, not something that is going to destroy it. I would like to create a future that has greater possibilities in it for everyone as well as for the planet, and that is what Access Consciousness® is about.

Now, with an understanding of the true possibilities of life, happiness is real. What else may be possible for you?

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