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Dubai DU 476442 - United Arab Emirates



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Author, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer, Wellness Coach

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"LOVE is your true nature. Everything else is just your journey back to it." ~ Emmanuel Dagher

About Erin Kurt

Hello! Thank you for coming here to learn a little bit more about me. I am an author, speaker and Spiritual Coach who helps women live & manifest exquisite, Divine-Inspired lives ; lives full of Peace, Pleasure, Prosperity, Joy & Beauty.

I call this kind of life, The Elegant Life.  It's a life that flows, where there is a sense of ease, elegance and joy in everyday life, and where dreams come true effortlessly, simply because you are living in this elegant flow.

My life never used to be described as “elegant”. I've experienced abuse, divorce and miscarriages, and struggled for years with money issues, worry, stress, perfectionism, depression, overwhelm and eventually burn out. 

You could also find me asking this question most days: “Why God?  Why?” 

How did I transform my life from one of struggle to one of ease? One of lack to one of prosperity? One of stress & overwhelm to one of peace, joy & fulfillment?

Everything began changing for me when I moved to France in 1997. That year gifted me experiences & people who opened me up to a new way of living and experiencing life, both in the physical world and in my inner spiritual world. 

Since that year I have manifested my soul mate, significantly increased my prosperity, made a dream move to London, England, had two gorgeous children,  bought two dream homes (one a Victorian home near Windsor Castle and one right on the edge of the Agean Sea) and now, a gorgeous life in Dubai.

Professionally, I have created and run two successful online businesses, ErinKurt.org and ErinParenting.com.  

I authored the internationally successful book, "Juggling Family Life",  created the life changing digital product for parents, "How to Get a Child to Listen… in 1 Day or Less",  and co-authored the innovative Read & Bake Children's Book Series titled, "The Yummy Adventures of Celia and Cedric.”

I have also had the honour of coaching thousands of parents from around the world to become the mom and dad they always wanted to be as well as assisted women entrepreneurs from around the world on how to own and successfully run their own magnetic, signature business via my proprietary Personal Branding Process. 

Through all of my coaching experience I realized that the majority of issues women were dealing with could be solved if they were more aligned and in touch with the truth of who they were - their Divinity.  

They would know what to do, they wouldn't have to ask for answers outside of themselves, unless they were guided to do so.

They would feel a sense of purpose and inner peace like nothing they’ve ever felt before and they would experience life as if it were their very own piece of art to create.

This led me to teach women the Elegant Processes that I was personally using and receiving such benefit from. The changes in the women I mentored were profound...in EVERY area of their lives; love, health, happiness, purpose, prosperity…

So today, I solely mentor women via my blog and YouTube channel, The Elegant Life as well as in private sessions via Skype or in person in Dubai on how to reconnect with who they are, to bring them back HOME, so that life as they know it is absolutely exquisite.

On a more personal note, when I'm not helping women create exquisite, elegant lives for themselves, I spend my time enjoying my children and hubby, being a francophile (ie: reading every novel that is set in Paris or France), cooking, baking, reading cookbooks (see a trend here?), doing yoga or pilates, and visiting as many gorgeous hotels and spas as possible!

If you have questions about how to live & manifest your own Elegant Life or want to reach out for a mentoring session, please go to: http://theelegantlife.com/product/mentoring-session/ or send an email to concierge@theelegantlife.com.