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3-5 years


Chicago IL 60607 - United States



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Confidence Coach, Dating Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Personal Development Coach

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All areas, please inquire



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It's your relationships that bring true fulfillment and balance within your lifestyle. Design a life you love.

About Jillian & Jan Yuhas

We empower men and women to connect by mastering their charisma, confidence, and communication skills. While you may want a fulfilling relationship, it can be challenging when you lack the confidence or social skills to intrigue a partner. With years of extensive relationship experience, we want to give you the techniques to develop the relationship you desire.

When it comes to dating and relationships, there are definite Do’s and Don’ts. We want to show you how to master the Do’s and avoid the Don’ts of dating. In addition, we will be here to support you on this journey of designing a life you love.

By becoming stronger in relationships and creating lifestyle balance, your health and success will increase in every area of your life. Studies show that people who are in are monogamous relationships tend to have longer, happier lives. Not only do relationships provide meaning, they buffer against everyday stress.


Clients often hire us for diverse dating and relationship goals.  A few reasons you may hire us is to help boost your confidence, create a dating profile, increase your connectedness to others through communication, face your fears of commitment and intimacy, conquer self-sabotaging habits, or eliminate discord, et al.  All of our coaching is specifically tailored to the your goals. Throughout the process, we offer ongoing support, patience, encouragement, and understanding as you reach your desirable relationship.

Both of us hold a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy from Adler University. In addition, we are both are Certified Professional Coaches and Certified Body Language and Micro-Expressions Experts; the recognition of facial expressions and emotions.

If you are ready to develop fulfilling relationships and design a life you love contact us today at Entwined Lifestyle for your complimentary consultation. We will work with you to find the best method to achieving your relationship goals.

Jillian & Jan Yuhas Success Stories

I was able to focus and re-focus to find out what I need

Women in complicated relationships

"Going through the coaching process has helped me to focus and re-focus; to find out what I need to do to get nearer to reaching my goals. Jill with Entwined Lifestyle has provided the proper tools; pointed me in the right direction towards finding the answers. She has the special talent of making you feel at ease while helping you to get on the right track if you feel lost in your own path. She is efficient without forgetting to be emphatic at the same time, understanding and very firm – the best relationship and lifestyle coach one can wish for. I highly recommend Jill and Entwined Lifestyle and appreciate the endless value they provide and anyone else would too!" ~ Robyn, California

I have had more successful relationships in love and life

Men in complicated relationships

"I am so thankful for these 2 ladies. I have had the experience of utilizing both of their guidance on emotional intelligence in my professional; love relationships. Their knowledge of psychology and overall well being is top notch. They have given me tools to think outside of reactivity. They teach patience, love, and give you tools to manage the rougher waters of changing for the better. I have had more successful relationships in love life by utilizing their studied perspectives. Entwined Lifestyle is a definite brand that is interested in helping you raise the bar on your life." ~ Ryan, California

I'm happily in a committed relationship today

Single men

“Being someone that typically is not in relationships I can say that the main benefit of being in a committed relationship is peace of mind. I live a high paced and high stress lifestyle due to work and the constant mental stress it puts on me. A relationship with the right person can give your life order and can ground you. When you stop focusing on what else might be out there and instead focus on what and who really makes you happy, at least a piece of your life becomes tranquil. When I was younger the thought of running around and finding new people to date was fun, but I have come to realize that the positives of a solid relationship far outweigh any of these "perceived" thoughts. Turns out the grass was never greener on the other side of the fence despite what my thoughts were trying to tell me. Jan and Jillian were able to help me work through my perceived thoughts about commitment. They are great at understanding individuals, and helped me find a way to overcome my fears. I truly can't thank them enough, as I'm happily in a committed relationship today.” ~ Connor, Illinois

Dating made simple

Men seeking a relationship

"After being out of the dating scene for an extended period of time, I met someone through a mutual friend and decided to give it a shot. Even though I had always been one to easily make friends and build relationships, this relationship offered a completely different dynamic. It was a struggle. I had previously done well in relationships, but this time I felt lost. That is when I turned to Jillian and Entwined Lifestyle to seek help in giving this newfound relationship a fair chance. Jillian was amazing, and she offered great advice every step of the way. One of the aspects that made my experience with Entwined Lifestyle so memorable was that it wasn't generalized, cookie-cutter advice. Instead, Jillian offered situation-specific, and carefully and thoughtfully explained wisdom that made dating seem simple. The help I received from Entwined Lifestyle set my mind and nerves at ease, and simplified areas that were seemingly complex. Entwined Lifestyle is a life-saver, and I will never hesitate to contact Jillian and Jan for advice on future situations." ~ Aaron, Illinois

Bringing Self-Awareness to Laws of Attraction

Women seeking a relationship

“Jillian and Jan helped me really gain the skills I needed to enhance my self-esteem and align myself with how I present myself to the outside world. Their charisma training has helped me both personally and professionally to come across more competent, respectable, and influential. They also helped me become more assertive and clear in my communication style and to not take what others say so personally. I have felt more confident and present in my life both mentally and emotionally. These women are very in tune with what they do and extremely insightful but also educational. They have a way of teaching which is both warm but constructive and understandable. I highly recommended them to anyone looking to gain knowledge, edge, and improvement in all areas of their lives.” ~ Melissa, Illinois

Learning Open and Assertive Communication with Partner

Dating couples

“My significant other and I were at a standstill in our relationship and I wasn’t sure of what actions to take to reach the next step with one another or what exactly I wanted the next step to be. Hiring Jan and Jillian changed that. They were incredibly attentive to my thoughts and were able to help me set goals for my relationship that I felt comfortable with. They provided me with ways to communicate my feelings and desires clearly to my significant other without seeming too demanding. Both of us communicate more freely now which has let us have a happier relationship. I would highly recommend EL to anyone looking for lifestyle improvements!” ~ Rachel, Illinois

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