Years in Practice

1-3 years


Still Bay WC 6674 - South Africa



Additional Expertise

Business Coach, Career Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Marriage Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

I Practice in

Multiple states/provinces, please inquire



I Believe

Everything and anything is reversible / curable as long as you find the pattern in the mind which created the state you find yourself in. Thus; Find it / Heal it / Renew it. In other words, Take a Leap Coaching focuses on finding what blocks/withholds/keeps you from being that eagle, soaring high, solve it and teach you to maintain a healthy, joyful, free life.

About Elsa Cronje

The owner of ‘Take a Leap Coaching’, Elsa Cronje, believes in her passion – the well-being of people. This is not only her destiny but, her 'food' and way of living. She believes in being congruent so everything in her life can be evident of what she stands for. She strives to inspire people and to help them discover who they really are. She helps people from all walks of life to find their wings and then teach them how to fly. 

She runs her company, ‘Take a Leap Coaching’ from her office in Stilbaai, South Africa,  from where she structures and implements various courses that makes a difference in peoples’ lives in South Africa.

She is a qualified Teacher, Master NLP Practitioner, and a Transformation Life Coach.

Although she specializes in ‘NLP Coaching’, she uses all skills acquired through her unique journey (educational, emotional and spiritual) to assist her clients in the most beneficial way. 

Her different programs and courses are for those who want to take responsibility for their lives, change their thinking patterns and create the life they want. This includes individuals, educators, teenagers, and professionals.

Elsa explains NLP:

“We have been taught to ‘pack bags’ of all the negative things happening to us along with all the beliefs and perceptions they hold. We then carry these ‘bags’ with us forever. These 'bags' drain our energy, shift our focus and wear us down. Before we know it, we are stuck with a pile of 'bags' and continue packing 'bags' as we go through life. 
“NLP with Take a Leap Coaching ‘packs’ out all the ‘bags’ and renew minds to never ever ‘pack a bag’ again. This enables a person to identify things blocking them in their own mind and providing them with the ability to be and feel free, joyful and healthy.”

How can you benefit from NLP Coaching with Elsa?

* Know who you are / Unlock more of your potential / Reach your goals 

* Get Rid of Strongholds blocking your mind / Renew your mind 

* Be in control of your emotions / Grow personally and be in perfect balance 

* Remove of self-sabotaging thought patterns, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors

* Install new empowering habits, beliefs, and behaviors

* Heal your life / Be free / Live

* Manage healthy relationships with colleagues / loved ones / employees / students

* Deal / Recover from Trauma.

To read up more about NLP with Elsa, testimonials or courses by Elsa – visit www.takealeapcoaching.com

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