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Encouraging women to remember that they hold the key to fullfillment and satisfaction in their lives- in and out of the bedroom! It all starts from within!

About Elizabeth Gorman

Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about me. My name is Liz Gorman and I am excited to tell you what makes me... ME! I am one of 7 children ( only 2 girls ) that were raised on the East Coast. My childhood consisted of many normal things like sports, sibling arguments, getting into trouble, and trying to navigate through life with a few trips to the ER as possible!

I have a sister that is 10 years older than I, so for most of my life, I was the ONLY girl at home. This is one of the things that really shaped me into the person that I am today. Growing up with 5 brothers, or "The Wolves" as I like to call them, made life very interesting. Even with these interesting moments,  I would never change a single second. They taught me many invaluable lessons that I still pull from as an adult. They have helped me grow into the independent woman that I am today, although many of those lessons I 'learned' because I didn't listen to my brothers. Trial by fire!

I received my BSN degree from Wheeling Jesuit University and starting working in the hospital setting soon after. I have worked a majority of my career in the Maternal Child field. I am a Certified Maternal Newborn Nurse, a Newborn Resusitation Protocol Instructor, and certified in ACLS-OB and CPR.

I was married for the first time, right out of college. I fell into what I thought was going to be the start of the best years of my life. What I found was 7 years of chaos, stress, pain, and unmet expectations. At the time that I decided to end this union, I didn't even recognize the person that I had become. My life had completely fallen apart- medically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. I had to stop the downward spiral. No matter what was promised, I had to end it. That was the hardest decision of my life.

 I remarried in 2010 to the person who I thought would be my second chance to find love and happiness. That too was not to be. It turns out that I married a person that wanted to remain a boy forever. He made promises then refused to keep them. What's a woman to do when she wakes up to find that her spouse wants to stay a boy forever? You try your best to work through it, and if that doesn't work? You make them pack. End of story. 

In addition to working as a Nurse, I was a Slumber Parties Consultant from 2010 to 2014. I truly believe that you can learn something new about yourself, your relationship and you partner just by trying new things. I have taken what I know as a Nurse and fused it with all I have learned and continue to learn in the Sexual Wellness field. I have chosen to step away from the 'front lines' of the sexual wellness arena to get back to basics. Focus on me and my health and wellmess, just like I preach. Also, I've decided to focus on writing to you. Share my experiences and thoughts.

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