Communication Problems

Years in Practice

3-5 years


Toronto ON M5E1W7 - Canada



Additional Expertise

Leadership Coach, Mediator, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

“And then I learned the spiritual journey had nothing to do with being nice. It was about being real, being authentic. Having boundaries. Honoring my space first, others second. And from this space of self-care being nice just happened, it flowed not motivated by fear but by love.” Michelle Olak

About Kawtar El Alaoui

Hello. My name is Kawtar, and I am a life and leadership coach. Let me tell you a bit about myself, and how I support my clients on their journey to clarity, and wholeness. I work with clients around issues of self-esteem, co-dependency, anxiety, and assertiveness. I support them in releasing the patterns and dynamics that no longer serve them. 

Through my own journey that brought me to coaching, I learned the importance of working with all aspects of who you are. That’s why I work with a holistic approach which brings balance to your whole self: your mind, body and soul. Your whole self is welcome in this process, witnessed with compassion, and supported. By the end of our work, you will come to recognize and release the core of your issues. You will learn to recognize your real needs, and speak up to honor your truth with assertiveness, rather than anger or avoidance all together. You will build a healthier and happier relationship with yourself, and others.

If you are drawn to toxic relationships, you will release them, learn to recognize the signs and find the clarity and strength to choose better. I love to work with tools that are simple, yet very effective. And I know my tools work, because I use them too. In fact, I’ve used them to overcome anxiety, to create happier relationships in my life, and to get unstuck from a career that was draining me and into a career I love. And with these same tools, I've achieved great results supporting my clients to lead healthier, happier lives, filled with purpose. 

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, from attorneys to energy healers. I support both men and women to create a joyful and connected life. 

If you’d like to explore working together, fill out the new client questionnaire to schedule a free discovery call here: https://empowerfromwithin.ca/en/client-form/ or subscribe to my newsletter here: https://empowerfromwithin.ca/en/testimonials/ and read testimonials from previous clients. 

The light in me sees the light in you,

Kawtar El Alaoui, LL.B, ACC

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