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We shouldn't be walking around overbooked and underwhelmed. We've got one life to life, shouldn't it be a great story?

About Alessandra Wall

The choices we make define our lives. It's time to choose what's right for you, and thrive. I am a coach, a psychologist, and the founder of Life in Focus Coaching, an entrepreneur, a mother, and a wife, to name a few things.

Everyday I come across people who are driven, successful and ambitious. They expected so much out of life, but find themselves stretched thin, exhausted, stressed out and uninspired by their world.

They have one life to live, and they're pretty sure this wasn't the way they pictured it going, but they're not sure what to do, or where to go to make changes that will be right for them.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re stuck –  You’ve worked hard, been responsible, and paid your dues and you’ve made it!  Getting "it" right should feel great, but it doesn't…

You’re overbooked, and underwhelmed – Everybody seems to want a piece of you; your to-do list is never ending, and you are no where on it.  By day’s end you’re exhausted and spent, but somehow it all feels kind of empty.

You want more – Life shouldn’t be about getting by, making do or surviving.

You expected more out of life. You want…

…to wake up in mornings and look forward to your day.

…the things you do to mean something to you. To be busy, sure, but fulfilled.

… to know what makes you happy and to see it in your everyday.

….your to-dos and want-tos to feel more balanced and to stop feeling constantly exhausted.

That's the kind of life I help people create at Life in Focus Coaching

It's about helping you slow down long enough to build some insight, so you can stop wasting your time, ans start making choices that you are confident will be right for you. It’s about thriving, not surviving.

You have a great story to live, are you living it?

The choices you make define you, so let's make sure yours are right for you. Let's help you trust that things you are doing today will add up to an amazing journey and a life that's worth it every day!

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