Anger Management

Years in Practice

25 years +


Staten Island NY 10314 - United States



Additional Expertise

Counselor/Therapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

People want happiness but they don't know, in general, how to get it. Your future is unwritten so be your own author and write it the way you want it to be. Your possibilities are endless.

About Edward Wallach, PhD

Dr. Edward Wallach has been a leader in the field of human relationships for over 35 years. He has a Ph.D. in clinical social work, a Master of Science degree in social work and a Master of Science degree in counseling. He is a licensed clinical social worker; a diplomat in social work, NAAP certified modern psychoanalyst. He is also a certified family therapist. Dr. Wallach taught social work at New York University, Wagner College at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and taught at a modern analytical training institute to teach clinicians how to practice therapy to produce successful outcomes with their clients and he helped the clinicians in their personal lives. He taught these courses with an emphasis on an Emotional Education approach and created a course entitled HAPPINESS TRAINING. Through his private practice, he focuses on helping his clients discover and resolve the themes in the story of their lives that prevented them from managing trouble so they can become more successful.

Edward is the author of When Trouble Comes: Discovering Themes in the Story of Your Life. When Trouble Comes has real stories of trouble in marriage, relationships, raising and emotionally educating children, health and eating disorders. There should be something in this book to help everyone. These stories are used to help and teach you how to create a positive environment so you can manage your problems. This book (also available at Barnes & Noble) is based largely on Edward's knowledge, experience and innovative ideas. Trouble can actually be an opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth.