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About Dorothea McArthur, PhD

I am a Diplomate Clinical Psychology in private practice for 38 years. I have acquired two Masters degrees in Art and Psychology, a PhD in Clinical Psychology and have been President of the Independent Psychotherapy Network since its inception in 1994.

My educational training has given me experience in being both a psychologist and an artist. In both fields, I was taught to observe accurately and to understand what I see. I learned how to take pieces of life experience and creatively weave it into a whole that explains a central issue, a chronic feeling, an unresolved question, or a misconception. I enjoy doing psychotherapy with individuals, couples, or as a family unit. We solve only what each person needs to go on with life satisfactorily in the present and the future.

The artistic side of me also turned to writing as a way of integrating and then sharing what I'd come to learn from doing psychotherapy with people I've respected. In the 1980's I co-authored the first edition of Robert's Apperception Test for Children (RATC) a nonthreatening story telling test that helps therapists to understand how each child thinks and feels about family and school, used over the years with millions of children.

Next, I wrote a five star book entitled Birth of a Self in Adulthood for the purpose of understanding the covert messages from psychologically vulnerable parents who unconsciously sabotage their children’s growth. This book has been written for clients, therapists and educated lay public.

I am currently completing a book entitled Love Beyond Love: An adoptive Family's Journey through Closed, Open and Cooperative Adoption. I'm an adoptive mother. As a therapist, I also have a specialty in adoption, seeing adoptees regarding adoption issues and reunion possibilities with birth family, adoptive parents about child management, and birth parents about their long lasting grief over relinquishment.

Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times is 66 essays written during our 2008 recession for people who are managing tough times. This book has earned five awards and seven very positive reviews. These books can be easily purchased from Amazon, eBay, Google Books, and Barnes and Noble.

As a psychologist and an artist, I have a specialty in seeing artists to help them to maximize their talent; and, at the same time, earn the income needed to go on being creative. The artist’s world is filled with the inevitable ups and downs for most artists generating, at times, moments of creative joy; and, at other times, depression and lack of validation for their work deserving special care and support.

As president, I've created and led the Independent Psychotherapy Network since its inception, organized to make experienced, and specialized psychotherapy available to those in need on a sliding scale. This group has also provided valuable training and consultation for all fourteen therapists for the purpose of keeping our individual practices at the highest level of quality, integrity and ethics.

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An Invaluable Resource!

"Defining Moments will help you through the struggles you face! The book is written in layman terms, easy to read, easy to understand to assist those who need help but cannot seek it. People don't always know how to deal with the problems they face. Dorothea McArthur offers hope and encouragement. An invaluable resource!"~ Readers Favorite Reviews (5 Stars)

Provides Wise & Compassionate Counsel

“Dr. McArthur provides wise and compassionate counsel for those in need of guidance, and her book serves as a perfect antidote for Americans who are undergoing hard times. It is a rich and compelling source of wisdom and advice spanning her long, illustrious career . . . and is a stunning example of why Dr. McArthur is such a highly sought-after psychologist." ~ Linda Jones Simmons, San Gabriel Valley Consortium for Induction into the Teaching Profession

Recommend Without Reservations!

"Recommend without reservations! Dr. McArthur's writing has the power to change many lives...I felt incredibly empowered. Her approach is down to earth and practical. Relevant, current, enlightening. This book will help many handle their individual struggles and become much happier after doing so. A life changing book!" ~ Blog Critics Review

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