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Old ways won't prepare you for the future. Get Ready Coaching sets you up for success in the new real world.

About Donovan Dreyer

I see inside people. Literally- I have innovated two visual tools that bring the inner world out into the open to be seen. When it comes to how you are doing and who you are, you have to see to take clear, committed action. Seeing is relieving. 

I created Solving Our Stress (SOS) as a high school counselor in response to 3 suicides in two-week span in 2014. An insight from Seth Godin about combining everything you know and have experienced to solve incredibly complex problems led to this breakthrough mental health innovation. I combined stock chart technical analysis with mental health to see visual patterns of the inner world. SOS helps parents know exactly when they are helping too much, or helicoptering and when they really do need to take immediate action to help their kids. You can find much more about SOS in short snippets on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/donovan.dreyer/

The second innovation came about in response to needing a way to help people figure out what to do "when they grow up" in a world where we don't even know what careers will exist. I have three daughters and they won't trade places with each other like you see in funny Hollywood movies; their personalities and interests are going to stay in line with their true nature. In creating "Get PAID," I determined that knowing yourself is most important to determine direction in life and figured out a way to help you understand or "get" yourself using the PAID acronym and system.

It can take as few as 5 minutes to assess who you are- in a way that you can see. This eliminates confusion with career planning in a powerful way. I wish I had such a simple way to find my calling in the 90's. I now know that I love helping others find their bliss and it is like having a 3 for 1 deal! You can have the 3 for 1 deal of:

  1. Feeling thrilled about what you do- even on Monday morning
  2. Having a positive effect with everyone around you because you are passionate and 
  3. Making your best contribution to the world

If you need to deal with how you feel, or how someone you care for is feeling, then reach out to get crystal clear on the inner state using the visual, universally understood language of Solving Our Stress. 

If you need to figure out what you need to do "when you grow up," or help someone else find their true calling, reach out and I will show you a way to see inside to create a flight plan to Destination Dream. 

I offer free enrollment calls to explore your fit with one-on-one customized coaching services. Old ways keep you and those you support or guide stuck in the past. Get Ready for success in the new real world. 


Call 970-541-2560 or email donovan@getreadycoaching.com or Facebook Message via https://www.facebook.com/GetReadyCoaching/

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Donovan Dreyer




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