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Costa Mesa CA 92627 - United States



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Author, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Psychologist, Speaker/Presenter, Teacher

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every good therapist, teacher, and parent should work themselves out of a job

About Doctor Jerry Brown

I am a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have worked for over 52 years in the counseling field.   I do complex psychological testing with dual diagnosis patients, work with people recovering from addictions and the parents and spouses who endure them and lecture extensively in the mental health field.  Staff training, national conferences, family weeks, and weekly lectures in hospitals and treatment programs, I have learned a great deal about what people crave in knowledge and humor. 

I was first licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1976, (back when dirt was new) following internships with amazing therapist.    Being happily married (which can a lot of work for my wife) , one of the great gifts of my life are my children and my lovely bride….whom I was able to reconnect with after being apart for 18 years, and have now been with for over 38 years.  I would not be anything close to who I am without her.  This did not come easy, as I have also been fired from an early relationship, and was able to get sober and stay sober for over 42 years as of this day, and learn to be a committed husband, and father.    I am very proud of my family and happy they are exactly who they want to be.  There is no agenda from me: only that they are happy. 

My favorite thing in life is: “To work myself out of a job”…with my own kids, patients, students, interns, and people---I love to help teach self-reliance.  “Learning is age independent” (Katie Couric: The Best Advice I Ever Got). My interest are wide and varied: having a voracious interest in books, building, compassionate “catch and release” of skunks, raccoons, and opossums, (See Man vs. Skunk on the web.  Marathon distance bike rider organic gardener allowing me to find my way back to my roots living for 8 years in a loving vegetarian Seventh Day Adventist foster home.  (I am not a Seventh Day Adventist now a I am a pedestrian---pun intended).     

God did not offer me an internship, but life has, and I deeply appreciate setbacks, a plethora of extreme sport injuries (skiing, road biking, mountain biking), losses, and gains as they all offer a balance of the admonition: “Life is always the thing that happens to you while you are making other plans”.  Eckhart Tolle says: “There are no happy endings”, but for me--- this is one hell of a ride.

 I am a bit of a firebrand, and often say to a large audience in a presentation: “If I say anything to offend you…believe me…”  Confrontation is an act of grace, and many people go to a therapist to cosign their bullshit, or try to get the therapist to agree the people around them are victimizing them. Sometimes they are and they need to report and stop the abuse which takes courage.  At other times, we repeat patterns over and over again.  There is absolutely no justification for child abuse, rape, or isolated incidents of physical, emotional or other forms of sexual assault… We all need to learn how to set boundaries with abusers, our family, fellow employees, bosses…and most important are the boundaries with ourselves.     Did that piss you off?   Good, but it made you think didn't’t it?

Don’t trust me;  don’t always trust other doctors or ‘Google University’, and don’t always trust yourself….but eventually trust your intuition, for it will always guide us if we listen carefully….If you are not getting a lot from a teacher or therapist right away, keep moving and find another.  The shortcomings in toilet training as a child do not define who we are so we don’t need months of therapy to get to the bottom…of our bottom.