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"One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star." ~ Nietzsche

About Deb Hawken

I became a Medium half way through a telephone call when I was 34. Up until then I'd had one paranormal experience when I was 6 years old. I had a dream about my Grandfather who had recently passed away, which is not unusual, but what set this dream apart was that I could describe someone I saw with Grandad whom I'd never met and didn't know existed. The dream was so vivid I remember it clearly to this day.

Apart from that the only clue to my future was that you couldn't make me sit on old furniture for love or money, and I hated museums and old objects and wouldn't touch them. That was just how I was and no one could explain it so my parents quite rightly ignored my vagaries.

I didn't start on the Spiritual path with any thought of becoming a Psychic Medium. I found the path when I started to deal with personal life difficulties and had no idea that the studying I was doing could or would lead to me working in the field.

This work is incredibly special to me because people don't realize the true importance of Mediumship. It isn't just to heal grief it's also to give people hope that this life does have a point and that they should live life to the full and aim for their highest dreams. If this life is part of a cosmic whole then everything you do here is important, everything you learn here has a purpose. If you believe that the Spirit World are part of your everyday life then you can carry on after you've lost a loved one knowing that they are always a part of you and your life, but not having to focus on their loss in case stopping thinking about their passing would make them disappear forever. 

Psychic work is equally important if you put the right perspective on it, it's for guidance and inspiration. If you need legal, medical or financial advice you should seek the services of a qualified professional in the field, but if you're looking for a bit of guidance and a different perspective then see a Psychic.

I'm also a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner specializing in helping people to change their lives by helping them to manage the changes they want to make. I work with my clients to identify their approach to life, work out what their issues are, get a structure for their future plans and then design ways for them to bring them about. All with my full support and a total lack of judgment.

I decided to qualify in Coaching and NLP, and I also have a Certificate in Counseling Skills, because there are no formal recognized qualifications for a Psychic Medium so I wanted to be qualified to deal with people in a professional manner. Something that's very important to me. I would like to see Mediumship and Psychic work properly regulated to protect both the public and workers in the field. I would like to put top class training into every college in the country so that people can access training locally and at a reasonable price. Much as the skills are natural, handling and practicing the work does require the input of human beings.

On a personal level I have worked in the emergency services, communication services and private and corporate business. I also write plays, poetry, positive thinking blogs and articles. I am the author of Who am I, Where am I, What is this Place?: And when can I start screaming?.

You can find me on Facebook where I have two pages, one is inspirational and to promote my work and the other is the Campaign for Kindness, something I hope to make into a nationally recognized campaign one day. It's my contribution to world peace - which I believe has to start in your own heart so that you teach peace to your children and everyone you encounter. We need to spread peace like a virus.

I'm married to a New Zealander and we have 6 cats who keep us on our toes. There's nothing like a cat to ensure that the human ego can never get out of control. It doesn't matter how fabulous you've been all day, when you're on your hands and knees cleaning out a litter tray with a cat sitting on your back observing the process and another on their food station tapping your head for food, you can't get life out of proportion - or your place in the great scheme of things (chef, cushion, string dangler and bathroom attendant).

Deb Hawken Success Stories

"I like the ethical code that she clearly follows...throughout the reading...I felt safe, loved and held.  As we enter this new paradigm I strongly believe that Psychic guidance is going to play an important role in how we make decisions. The question is how soon we will develop our own skills and abilities. Until then Psychics with integrity, like Deb, can guide us." ~ Kindred Spirit Magazine Summer Edition 2011, pg 42

"I was confused [and] lost in my direction. Hearing that I could connect with my ambition and my dreams helped me to turn my life around. I feel much happier, able to see things clearly and be true to myself. Now I don't hold myself back anymore or let anything stand in my way. Thank you Deb." ~ Matt, Bristol

"I was amazed by the things she told me that I was able to prove later. She also gave me some good, common sense advice." ~ Annette, Wiltshire

"Very intriguing, what a few cards and a rather intuitive lady can say in 15 minutes. All correct and accurate." ~ Ahlem, London

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