My Failures Will Impact My Life Forever, Now What?


Part 1 of 5. Steps to moving past your failures and start living the life you deserve.

Part 1 of 5

Failure is a part of life and everyone responds differently to it.  Some can move right past and it and most others, like I once did, let it haunt them and let it completely enable them from moving forward and accomplishing the best for themselves.

I am a multiple failure, which now that I look at it, is a good thing.  However, this has not always been the case.  Failure can teach us some very valuable lessons in life and work, but how we get past the failure and learn from it is what is the most critical.  The fact of letting failure hang around and define you, or your decisions, is what we cannot allow to happen.

In my past failures, I have managed to fail at several businesses, losing tons of money and jobs for people.  I have failed my wife and my family with how I handled those failures and poor decisions I made during those times.  I have failed myself and goals I set personally and professionally.  I have failed at things, some so major, that I knew my life was going to be impacted so negatively, that I was on the brink of suicide because of it.

So, what is the secret to getting out of my depression, moving forward, accomplishing things again and living a better life for myself and others around me?  This five-part series is going to show you the things I did and now teach others, to get life back together after failure and start to live a “Larger Than Life” existence.

Step 1 Believe Again

Prior to anything I did, prior to counseling, prior to setting goals or action plans, prior to reading self-help books or anything, I had to BELIEVE.  And you will too!

The importance of believing that you will move past the failure, that you will get over it and that you will learn and overcome is the single most important step in the process.  If you do not buy into the fact that you can, then you won’t.  Belief from within is critical to you moving forward and learning the lessons from your failure.

I was the one who let my failures take me to deep dark places, like I mentioned almost to ending my existence.  It took me well over a year just to start thinking about believing in myself again and truly buying into the fact that I will get past this and be better for it.

This process is not easy.  It will take focus, you must remind yourself everyday several times a day that you are moving past this, that this failure will not define you and you will not let it hold you back from living the life you deserve to live.  Say it in the mirror in the morning, write it down at least twice a day and tell a couple people you trust that you are going to get past this and not let it define the person you are, or who you will become.   The simple fact of telling someone often will make it a priority in your mind that now you must show them what you told them and this tool alone, I have personally seen work with hundreds of clients.

So today, if you are struggling with failure, or a past failure, start the process of believing you are moving past it, you are moving forward to live the life you deserve and do these things:

1.  First thing in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and say, “This failure(s) will not define me and will not hold me back from living the life I deserve.”
2.  Write down this phrase at least twice a day, “Failure will not define me, I am overcoming this and will move past it.”
3.  Tell at least one person, that you have failed and that you are overcoming that failure, learning from it, and will live the life you were meant to live.

See you in Part 2!

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