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West Linn OR 97068 - United States



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Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

About David VanBeenen

I am an entrepreneur, business leader, speaker, writer and coach. I have started multiple companies and generated millions of dollars in revenues and has been teaching and working with individuals, business owners, and professionals how to create a bigger impact in their lives and to truly live a “Larger than Life” existence.

My personal story is one of tremendous inspiration and motivation. After a very successful career in Finance, where I ranked nationally with my firm, I was caught up in a devastating real estate partnership that went south. As financial and legal pressures mounted, I witnessed my business partners, some of whom I had personal relationships since youth, turn to false statements and misrepresentations in regards to the facts about the business partnership. This led down a long road and legal battle that not only wiped me out financially, but personally took a tole of huge magnitude.

I fell into a deep depression, losing hope in myself, hope in others and almost lost my family. Not only had I lost everything financially, including my home and other assets, I was forced to abandon my licensing and the career I had built in Finance.  I sat several months debating if life was better off without me. I suffered through dark thoughts how my wife, children and others would be better off if I was not around anymore. 

I truly was at the point of giving up completely.  If it was not for the support and love of my wife Shela, a couple of friends and my two children Sabrina and Mason, I may have a very different ending.

After battling depression for over a year, one day, I got up after 4 straight days in bed and said, “that’s enough.” I started the process of rebuilding my thoughts, my mental state and began to build up myself and my family again.  I went through a process in which I now share with others, of moving past certain obstacles in life, how to get motivated, how to set goals and to get moving forward and accomplish your dreams.  Most of all, I realized the importance of self-belief, and how unbelievably vital that is to success in life and business.

Through this process, I was forced to start all over. With no money, I started my first business since the partnership fail, then shortly a few more after that.  Within a few years, I was generating millions in sales and getting my life on track. Through research, trial and error and self-taught lessons, I used the systems I put in place regarding goals, sales and other practices to take my businesses from zero to millions in revenues. More importantly, I found the belief in myself, rebuilt my relationship with my family and truly set out to live a “Larger Than Life” existence.

I am now on a mission to teach individuals, entrepreneur’s and business professionals how to take their lives to the status of “Larger Than Life”.

Through my teachings, I break down goal setting, how to become a constant high achiever, the importance of self-confidence as well as identifies key factors in making, not only the business professional, but the individual, live a full, confident life that they were meant to lead.

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