Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

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25 years +


Pine CO 80470 - United States



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Author, Business Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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I am commited to assisting people to move from stress and overwhelm to freedom in mind, body and Spirit.

You are a masterpiece. Shine your light and dare to soar!

About Cynthia James

Welcome to my page. I am so grateful that you found your way here.  I am very aware that most of us are in a space desiring support and nurturing.  Know that I am clear that it takes great courage to seek assistance and ways to grow.  My work is dedicated to assisting people in expanding and living lives filled with love, peace, joy and freedom.

I am a transformational specialist, inspirational leader and teacher guiding people to make changes at a deep level for lasting healing in their lives. Through my coaching and trainings people shift from stress and overwhelm to balanced and purposeful living in mind, body and spirit.  My work has evolved over the years as I, personally, transcended a childhood of violence and abuse. Through education and personal healing, i created the foundation for my programs; including work with women, couples and being certified as a PTSD facilitator.

My Advanced awareness leadership coaching supports executives, therapists and leaders wanting to take their work to a larger and deeper levels of service and success. I also focus on teaching women to embrace and practice radical self-care and discover livestyle changes that move them from obesity to thriving.

I am passionate about assisting people to become clear that the past does not define our future.  I spent many years in search of true love, doing work that makes a difference and developing lasting self-worth.  What I learned is that there is a mind/body connection and that healing must take place on multiple levels in order to create a happy life and lasting health.  Today, I am living proof that we all have the capacity to manifest health in our relationships, thrive in our careers and create prosperity.

I am also an artist. My background is in film and television acting, musical theatre and nightclub performing.  As I was developing my current programs, it became clear to me that the use of creative methodologies accelerates healing. What has resulted is and integration of traditional therapeutic techniques, breath and movement work and creativity through music and art. The result is an International clientele that are thriving on all levels.
I am honored to be a part of the YourTango family and look forward to sharing with you. My postings will give practical tools to support you in creating the life of your dreams. I look forward to supporting your journey and assisting you in creating the life of your dreams.

Cynthia James is an inspirational speaker and world-renowned leader of women. Author of the award-winning book “What will Set you Free” – recognized by Aspire Magazine in Top 10 Inspiring Books.  Cynthia’s current work with The Clinton Foundation is changing women’s lives through a living discovery of radical self-care. Cynthia’s private clients consist of women with the courage to invite change into their lives coupled with the newfound willingness to grow beyond who they have been before. To stay connected to Cynthia, join her on Facebook or reach out to her directly at Cynthia James.

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