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Family Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Coach, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach

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You can’t attain sanity by just trying harder, exercising a positive outlook, letting go, forgiving or meditating. What you need for sanity, when reason fails, are emotional experiences. Not ideas. Experiences.

About Claudia Luiz

Dr. Claudia Luiz has been credited with “clearing up the misconceptions behind the common clichés of psychotherapy,” by Peter Kramer the author of Listening to Prozac.

A psychoanalyst with more than 25 years of experience treating individuals, couples and families, Claudia has dedicated her career to helping people understand what really creates change: emotional experiences. Emotional experiences — such as feeling understood and being heard — remove obstacles to discovering solutions that really work.

She published her book, Where’s My Sanity? Stories That Help , to illustrate the emotional experiences people can search for. Because you can’t always just push a button on yourself, every time you want to manufacture change.

The book offers compelling case studies, based on treating hundreds of patients. It has touched a nerve with both practitioners and the general public. Therapists have said it has helped them reinvigorate their practices, ranking the book with the seminal work, Love’s Executioner by Irving Yalom. Men and women alike have found the book both “inspirational” and “profoundly comforting” and also a “great contribution” to their lives.

Now, Claudia is spreading her message in person. A gifted and experienced public speaker, she has addressed general audiences and provided emotional intelligence training for individuals and corporations. Her mission: “I want to show people what emotional experiences are transformational, and how to search for them. So they will know that everything they are feeling can take them to new places.”

Claudia Luiz Success Stories

Teenager failing school

Couples dealing with parenting issues

I am tickled PINK! I had worked with this particular patient a looong time.  Like 5 years.  Child of alcoholics, etc.  Anyway, she had a kid. And, predictably, this kid wasn't doing that well.  She was...very stressed.more

To make a long story short, this kid couldn't concentrate very well in school.  She was one of these kids that was a free-spirit, motivated mostly by her own interests than by getting interested in activities around her.  She was searching for some peace and comfort.

So my patient, her mother, starting doing something different with her.  Instead of pushing and nagging and scaring her into doing better at school, she started addressing the real problem: this kis was stressed out.

So she started to try to make the kid's life easier.  Letting her stay home from school, helping her relax, creating a stress-free home atmosphere, free of nagging, anxiety, tension and pressure.

So here's my success story: it worked.  

Because the kid, who was not a lot less stressed out, had more energy.  Started doing better in school.  Felt better.

And that's how we all get better, sometimes.  Not by trying harder, or feeling scared into greater productivity or achievement.  But just by feeling understood and loved. There is no better chemistry than that.

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