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About Corey Cutright

Welcome!  I've been a professional real estate developer and investor for 28 years.  During the course of my career I have been fortunate to establish a portfolio of real estate that allows me a comfortable lifestyle and flexible schedule.  Although my career is often challenging, I thoroughly enjoy designing, creating and developing communities that are sustainable and eco-friendly.  

My passion and comfort zone is the ocean!  Being on the water is peaceful and a place to disconnect from technology.  I enjoy live music, art, performance art and culinary events. Cooking out and dinner parties with friends is a favorite past time.  College football is my pastime entertainment during the fall and professional basketball and skiing are my winter sports of choice.  I live on the ocean, also own and have an active gentleman family farming operation in rolling hills of Charlottesville, Virginia.  Charlottesville has some of the fines vineyards on the east coast; I'm fortunate to own a home within walling distance of Pippin Hill Vineyard; absolute amazing!

I've traveled to approximately 60 countries, but have yet to travel to South America, New Zealand and Australia.