Anxiety Issues

Years in Practice

10 years +


Bayonne NJ 07002 - United States



Additional Expertise

Life Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Psychotherapist

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My state/province only



I Believe

Resilience is Intrinsic. Our capacity to endure, heal, evolve & love is greater than our suffering.

About Brian Nandy

Brian Nandy’s Biography

Brian Nandy is the founder of BN Counseling, LLC, an integrative and multi-disciplinary counseling practice that helps children, adults and corporations recognize their capacity to evolve to be more of their potential selves.


Brian, originally from Malaysia, in his adolescence, endured poverty and due to the circumstances of the time, was unable to make it into higher education. Instead of giving up, he got a job at Club Med, sang on stage and there--- he began to learn and envision all the possibilities in the world.

Brian then got a job as a creative copywriter in the advertising world specializing best at humanitarian and social justice causes. He saved his money, came to America with a scholarship, and two years later graduated summa cum laude in Psychology and was awarded the honor of “Student Marshall.” Next, Brian obtained his Masters in Behavioral Sciences and once again awarded the honor of “Symbolic Graduate Student".  All of these achievements were done with no academic debt and much to his credit--- with great humility and an innate ability to create and nurture opportunities.  Hence, the mission to inspire hope, a “think in possibilities” growth mindset, where the glass is always full, even when it is cracked.

Projects to Propel Possibilities:

1. Clutter Buster: Personal & professional organizing skills practice for those with ADD and/or OCD features.

2. Body Blast Project: an interactional dance, martial art, mental health, nutrition project for teens that addresses body image challenges.

3.I Believe In Me: A Photography Exhibition of Resilience in collaboration with IKEA of Elizabeth, NJ.

4. Peer Potential: an anti-bullying workshop.

5. Standing Tall Documentary: An LGBT Educational and Supportive DVD for Parents and Teens.

6. People Who’ve Addressed My Life Workbook.

7. Make A Difference Every Day Fundraiser [Project MADE].

8. Up Cycling Projects for Earth Day: Trash Your Troubles & Gratitude Boxes.

9. Reach In-Reach Out Project. Making and Writing postcards as a way to promote writing and communication skills, and the significance of connectivity in relationships.

10. Project Safe Space: A community service focused on creating personal safe spaces via an Interior Decorating the Fung Shui way.

11. Café Nutrio: The re-imaging of a Wellness Group Room for teens that resembles a café to encourage participation while reducing the stigma of mental health help.

12. Fatherhood Project: a project to inspire responsibility with teen fathers.

13. Summer Programs: 12 years of enrichment programs with a wellness focus.

14. Presentations on LGBT issues.

15. Presentations on the Meditation and the neuroscience of happiness, love & wisdom.

16. Currently runs a Standing Tall Interpersonal Groups for Gay Men.