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6-10 years


Regina SK S4S 6K8 - Canada



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Business Coach, Family Coach, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Wellness Coach

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

By balancing the responses of our bodies, heart and mind, we can build the capacity to be present in the moment and face the challenges of life.

About Brian Mitchell-Walker

As a Life Coach that works with individuals, couples, families, executives and teams, I consider myself, like all of my clients, a complex human being where only parts of who I am show in any given moment. In my past, I would forget or bury many aspects about myself when trying to emphasize the skills that I perceived were needed at that time. After extensive training with Don Riso and Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute, Andrea Isaacs of EnneaMotions and the faculty of the Deep Coaching Institute, I now operate with the belief that the more in touch I am with the present moment - the more whole I am. I become more open to my inner wisdom and the wisdom of those with me. I am able to support my clients to tap into their inner wisdom. A wisdom that can come when invited to sit with and explore their gut reactions, heartfelt emotions, and rationalizations to situations and circumstances that they want to change. Check out both my website and blog for more information.

So although I bring much more than can be defined, I bring the following aspects to my work as a Certified Deep Coaching Professional (Deep Coaching Institute, and Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation):

An Enneagram Professional: (Certified Teacher with the Enneagram Institute and Accredited Professional of the International Enneagram Association) The Enneagram is a great tool to increase self-awareness and build compassion for ourselves and others.  As we increase our awareness of healthy, average and unhealthy behaviours and patterns  in our life, we also become aware of when we are allowing other people's behavior trigger us to activate patterns we don't like in ourselves. With a variety of tools we can co-create new patterns of behavior from a place of Presence.

An active listener: ( L.E.A.D. consultants "Learning the Language of Healing - LAB 1) Through all of my work with education, social services and various intercultural groups I have never come across a program in listening skills as comprehensive as this.   It has helped me and my clients to cross the "interpersonal gap" and stay present to the person(s) we are listening to. 

A learner, a teacher, a diversity awareness trainer: (Queen's University B.A. Mathematics and Statistics & a B. Ed.) I taught Kindergarten to grade 3 for 12 years in different Toronto inner city schools.  As well, I lead a variety of workshops for parents and teachers within my board and national conferences.  My classrooms were used as a model to other teachers.  I learned a great deal from my students and their families about cultural diversity.  This knowledge serves me well in working with culturally diverse families, organizations and institutions.

I continued this teaching and learning with all ages as I worked for the Saskatchewan Conference of The United Church of Canada from 2001 - 2012.  During this time I worked as a resource to: churches; interfaith/intercultural groups; human rights advocacy groups in the areas of racism, ageism, sexual orientation and gender identity. I continue today to organize local, national and international events.   

A family and community member: My husband and I fostered different troubled teens before adopting our two sons (we were the first male couple in our province to adopt as a couple).  These early experiences of fostering taught us the real meaning of team work and to be open to available supports both for our foster sons and for us as parents - for it truly takes a village to raise a child.  With all the support my family receives, it is important for me to give back in a variety of community work from the local PTA, to working for the rights of all in various National committees.

This experience supports my clients who are parents to share all that they are dealing with and to understand how to advocate both for children and for themselves.

I am grateful for this work that allows me to sit in presence with my clients, where these people move to a place of grounded action, trusting and speaking their truth as they turn judgments about themselves or others into curiosity.

Brian Mitchell-Walker Success Stories

Discovering our Relationship Dynamics

Couples seeking to reinvest in their marriage

Brian Mitchell Walker has taken me on an amazing, knowledgeable, compassionate journey of self discovery.   After attending an introduction to the Enneagram workshop that Brian facilitated, my husband and I decided  (rather hesitantly) that we would give a couples session a go. Well, one 60 minute session later we realized what an important step this had been.  Brian, with the help of his extensive knowledge and caring demeanor,  helped us be more mindful of our differences in personality and helped us be more intentional with one another when we weren't necessarily seeing things in the same way.. He gave us the skills to better communicate with one another and listen to each other without getting caught up in the emotions of the moment.  He helped us change things we wanted to change without feeling completely overwhelmed by them. more

It is now a few years later  and I have continued with personal sessions with Brian to work on anxiety issues for myself ... and what a journey it has been!   I have never felt more attuned to my whole self ... body, mind and spirit.  

Tanya Coulthard

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