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Hove ESX BN3 3DF - United Kingdom



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Counselor/Therapist, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Coach

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You can transform your life through relationships with your partner, with your colleagues and, most importantly, with your SELF.

About Annie-Leigh Longhurst, PhD

I am a coach, lecturer, facilitator and proud founder of Aha Integral Coaching (AIC) offering cutting edge techniques that transform your life.

Transformation involves becoming radically calm, radically clear and radically committed to a new way of being, one which transforms you to a higher and happier level of consciousness.

Transforming consciousness happens with the “Aha” moment that smashes through the crust of consciousness to open your eyes. Aha moments wake you up to what is truly important to you. They put a spoke in the wheel of your mindless behaviours, reverberating in your heart-mind-body and bringing you alive.  

You recognise and own the truth of Aha moments instantly. Instead of being told what to do or think, you learn to trust insights that come from your own intuition.

So AIC lights the way along life's path with Aha moments of insight, little jewels of realisation that wake you up. Each wake-up call takes you a little closer to freedom. You free yourself from stale beliefs and repetitive behaviours to transcend your limited ego and become who you were meant to be - happy and at peace.

Wherever you are on life's journey, AIC will take you one step further along the spectrum that is you. I work with the whole spectrum of your consciousness from matter to body to ego mind to soul to spirit, working with the levels that suit you.

Body: Tension lies deep in our core. This tension, or constriction keeps you straitjacketed in habitual, unconscious thinking and reacting patterns. It enslaves you to stress producing fears and anxieties that prevent you from waking up to all that you could be in your life.

Ego: The ego has to be seen for the mind-numbing agent that it is. Aha moments transcend the ego, opening you to a new way of being where you listen to and trust your innate wisdom instead of the attacking voices in your head.

Body-mind-heart: Thoughts are tied into feelings and emotions. Stressful thoughts produce a painful body. Any state of being that is not radically calm is stressful. Stress can lead not just to disease but to feelings of deep unease, or dis-tress. Instead of acting consciously and mindfully, stress leads to deadened and mindless re-actions. Aha moments wake you up to how you dis-tress yourself through your unexamined thoughts and your unconscious responses to others and the environment. Because you identify with your attack thoughts, you create a life based on fear, the only opposite of which is love. Aha moments waken you up to love.

Soul: Love means smashing the chains of the ego to hear the voice of the higher Self, the intuition or whatever label we ascribe. But we experience it as a way of knowing that is recognised. It's a re-cognition of what we have known in our heartmind all along but has become lost along the way. Many people live according to society's prescription for the good life: money, career, relationship, status etc. Then they find themselves achieving all this and still feeling a big hole inside. That's because they're living out other peoples' values and not the authentic expression of who they came into this life to be. When you vibrate at a soul level of consciousness, you feel connected, plugged-in and the world comes alive again.  

Spirit: The highest level of consciousness is only applicable to those who want to make this final ascent up the spectrum of consciousness. The biggest Aha moment of all is when you break through the ego to reveal your true identity.

Achieving integration in body, mind, soul and spirit is the most precious gift you can give yourself. It means a life of deep relaxation, trusting yourself and trusting the process to become all that you can become. This is how to re-claim your birthright of happiness and fulfillment. 

AIC only uses the tried and tested methods that have come from personal doctoral research and that of the Integral meta-theory of consciousness. So the results are fast, effective and sustainable.

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