Where Are You Living Your Life From

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Things happened. Things are happening. Things are going to happen.

And in these happenings, where are you? Where are you living your life from?

Are you the observer of your body and spirit, centered in the seat of your soul? Are you on the sideline watching the play unfold with little input or empowerment with what happens with the storyline. Are you stuck in the past wishing to relive it or possibly trying to make the emotions, experiences, and pain disappear? Are you focused on the future to the point you are not aware of the now?

Or possibly there is a combination that depends on what is happening in your life that dictates where you live it from. This combination is the most common place to experience life. We are human. Which means we have emotions, we get triggered from trauma - or lit up - we feel empowered and then hopeless, see clearly then ask for someone else to see for us, we know and trust ourselves and then switch to feel like we don’t know a single thing let alone believe that we hold our own answers.

This is life. This is spirit having a human experience. This cycle is called a “growth period”. Spirit moves much more quickly compared to the body. For Spirit and energy, there is no time or space. There is no death. For the body, there are physical laws of time and space which can feel complicated and activate our survival energy.

Once we as spirit imagine - because that is how we create as spirit, with our imagination, with visions and pictures - it exists on the energetic realm. Sometimes our body looks at those big pictures and immediately meet them with resistance, exhaustion, and defeat.

Have you ever woke in the morning and written your to-do list while sipping your tea or coffee? At first, you meet the morning with enthusiasm and “a nothing can stop me” attitude. Yet by the end of your very long and possibly unrealistic list, you feel exhausted, defeated and ready to go back to bed. Coffee still hot yet you’re ready to call it a day kind of response.

As spirit we see clearly, move quickly and create swiftly. Our bodies can not always keep up. It is a partnership between body and spirit that allows us to create and experience all that we desire.

If we as spirit ignore the requests from our body such as for rest or to slow down or to listen to what it needs, then our body will force us to listen by becoming ill or injured - forced downtime. This is imperative to the body so it can process all that it needs to in order to stay well and aligned with you as spirit.

So if this is just a simple morning to-do list, imagine how important this awareness of body and spirit communication and partnership is when it comes to the big stuff. Like changes in relationships, career, moving, having a child, traveling, or anything else that has a huge impact on our lives.

If we nurture this precious relationship with self, all parts of ourselves, then we can flow without effort or resistance through the layers of energy we must move through to create the experiences we desire.

If your body is tired, rest. If your body needs movement, move. If your body craves food, eat healthily. When we listen and act on what we become aware of what our body needs we create trust and the body knows we will not take it somewhere it can not survive. It knows it is safe.

Talk to your body and tell it, “you are safe”.

The first step is to cultivate awareness. To learn how to listen and know what the body needs.

We do this by turning our attention inward. Through meditation, we start to become aware of the thoughts, feelings, visions, and stirrings happening in the body, heart, and soul. We learn what our energy is and what is not our energy, which thoughts are ours and which are lent to us, which beliefs are our truth and which belong to others.

When we bring our attention to this relationship with self, between body and spirit, we cultivate deep self-awareness, develop our intuitive gifts, and amplify our ability to heal and create expanding beyond what we thought was possible.

I want to hear from you! Where do you live your life from? What is one way you want to shift your perspective in your daily life?

Ready to take your self-awareness to the next level by developing your intuition and energy management skills?

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This article was originally published at Soul Happy (a blog on my website). Reprinted with permission from the author.