Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

25 years +


Middletown OH 45044 - United States



Additional Expertise

Business Coach, Change Management Expert, Professional Organizer, Risk Management Consultant, Speaker/Presenter



I Believe

That people do not change until it is too painful to remain the same.

About Adriane Scherrer

Even an ordinary life in the diverse and free United States provides many opportunities to experience and observe life beyond the lifestyle of one’s choosing. That is why, those who can write, should, to expand their own observations and others knowledge.

Since my youth presented several family units in parenting roles, the added habit of evaluating the stability of my caregiver’s moods developed into the additional sense of checking out surroundings and the energy of those around me.  In all situations I began constantly “energy checking” at a young age.  I cannot shake that part of who I am.  Only at home is that seventh, energy checking, sense totally at rest.  The cold nose of one or both of my dogs, or the touch of my amazing husband, immediate family members or trusted friends causes immediate grounding. This calm occurs quickly, no matter the number of hours my energy was drained with the day’s activities.

An advantage to marrying ones childhood sweetheart is the knowing, from the beginning that his energy is the total opposite of yours.  In 47 years of marriage my husband and I have accepted that there will be many things about which we will never agree.

My natural sensitivity to energy makes it easy for me to accurately evaluate the culture of a business. This plays well to my choice to have my business focus on consultation and strategic planning with established as well as new businesses.  Those starting or growing new businesses are far more interested in what I sense than those who have owned or led their businesses for a long time.  Few  long term owners, want to hear that they are going to need to change their management style.  Being focused on presenting my suggested directives, with sensitivity, results in the advice becoming implemented much of the time. Other management teams send me away. They care not what they paid for my consult.

The ability to appreciate all types of music makes my not-for-profit organization perfect for planning quality of life events in the town of my heart.  While I no longer live there, Middletown is considered, by me, to be my home town.  After working more than a decade to foster the revitalization of our downtown, I can report, we are on a roll and average four new businesses per month.  After years of downtown being on life support, it is now looking like real recovery will continue.

It is not clear when my interest in the use, abuse, addiction and dependency on mind altering substances and behaviors became important to me.  For decades I have been working to educate employees about drug free workplace programs and placing employees and their dependent family members into appropriate levels of addiction education or treatment. The goal is for the audience members to experience a safe workplace, a functional home, and knowledge of community activities.  This work drains my energy.  I am truly an introvert.  These presentations concerning such serious and wide spread issues as drug dependency, alcoholism, youth mind altering behaviors, etc. dictate that it must be energetic, entertaining and perhaps funny to successfully keep the audience interested in theses, difficult to swallow, subjects.

It has been said that like my father, given time to consider the correct response, we have an opinion on nearly every subject. To my husband’s exhaustion, I have no idea how to stop my brain from working, wondering, and connecting the dots.  This constant activity may as well be recorded. Your Tango will provide the needed encouragement to write more frequently of this interesting and constantly evolving life.