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Attorney, Life Coach, Wellness Coach

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No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

About Adi Cecile

Adi Cecile is passionate about women’s empowerment. Her coaching program is based in maintaining Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Wellbeing at all times, and especially when it comes to Dating & Relationship. 

Currently an active duty military officer and licensed attorney, her involvement and experience advising others has ranged from working extensively with victims of sexual trauma, to advising women on their relationships and family law issues. Her leadership abilities as a woman among a maelstrom of military men has taught her the importance of maintaining her sense of authentic self, and that we are all capable of greatness if we simply figure out how to love ourselves. 

She believes that self-love begins with personal authenticity, and spent many years figuring that out in her own life while she was looking for the amazing relationship she finds herself in today. 

Adi hosts regular workshops in New Orleans for women seeking relationship, helping them to transform themselves from having fears and insecurities around dating, into confident, relaxed women who feel great about themselves, as they prepare to find a healthy, loving relationship with the partner they always wanted. To learn more about Adi click here.

Adi Cecile Success Stories

Afraid To Date Becomes Enthralled With Her New Dating Life

Women newly dating

1. What prompted me to finally consider dating online, and dating at all?
I was still getting over the heartache of my last relationship, I moved to New Orleans, and I started to open my life up and met Adi Cecile, who encouraged me and coached me into starting. Knowing that I had her support really put me more at ease to begin dating.
2. How do I feel now as compared to before I embarked on the online dating adventure?
I have to say, I feel AMAZING. It’s always a bit of a growing pain when you step outside your comfort zone, but it feels really great to tackle this online dating phenomenon head on. I will admit, I felt threatened on the site a few times (one guy went on an angry rant about what I do for a living; I’ve had a few guys flat out say “f u then” when I don’t respond to their messages), but honestly? Those guys are the exceptions, not the rule and I’m damned if I’m going to let some a-hole make me feel unsafe through a computer/smartphone screen. 
3. My transformation over the last several months?
I feel more like myself than I have over the past 4 years. I was not in a very good place in my life for a while, but now, overall? I feel absolutely amazing. 
4. Compare/contrast my emotional well-being now and before Adi started coaching me.
Wow. Pre-Adi, I was still kind of a mess from my break-up almost 2 years ago with the guy I thought I was going to end up married to and having babies with. My ego was intertwined with the relationship and my emotional well-being, which was absolutely detrimental, because it took quite a blow that I almost didn’t recover from.  Name it, I felt it; not good enough, will always be alone, no one would ever want me, I wasn’t (insert adjective) enough, and WHAT ABOUT BABIES???? WILL I EVER HAVE BABIES???? Tick-tock….Yikes. What a hot mess. At first, when I started online dating, I had a few missteps, still found myself getting carried away with the fantasy, still felt infatuated and let that guide me, still felt needy on the inside BUT I put myself out there and I learned a lot. I’m STILL learning a lot. The Journey Continues. By now, I feel happy and relaxed. 
5. Is dating a better or worse experience than I thought it would be?
Oh better. Much better and way less scary than I'd anticipated.
6. What are some of the things I have learned that have had the biggest impact on me and caused the biggest shift/transformation in mindset/attitude?
Well, I started salsa and bachata dancing again. Social dancing is a HUGE part of my life and of who I am; I love it so much. I stopped dancing when I was in my last relationship because he wasn’t supportive of it and giving up that aspect of my life really damaged my spirit for a long while. THAT is a mistake I will never, EVER make again; giving up part of myself and what makes me so wonderfully me for someone.

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