My Sexuality Is Not Like Yours - Can We Accept Each Other?


Most magazines and movies seem to portray a single-minded way to be sexual.  We are expected to be young, in our teens to the outer limits of our 30's.  We are expected to be physically fit, excruciatingly slender, or at least within 10-20 pounds of slender.  We are expected to fit into our gender roles.  Men are supposed to be strong, dominant, confident and always ready for strenuous sexual contact.  Women are expected to be less interested in sex but easily turned on by a manly man.  And the list of "normal" expected attitude and behaviors goes on.

But every one of us responds differently than what the media portrays as "normal" sexuality.  Not everyone wants to get married and remain monogamous for a lifetime.  Not every married couple will inevitably lose interest in sex with each other.  Not every single woman is searching for a mater.  Not every single man is avoiding intimacy.  Not every woman is interested in men; not every man is interested in women.  Not every woman wants to be a woman; not every man wants to be a man.  Some men like intimacy with men and with women; some women like intimacy with women and men.  Some people are more attracted to body parts or inappropriate partners or unavailable partners or non-vanilla types of sexual encounters.

Where can you go to find someone who will listen and understand about your unique desires, interests and behaviors in the sexual part of your life?


The Sexual Reawakening Virtual Summit was created to invite men and women on the web to join the conversation, to find out what is really going on in the world of sexuality.  In this one-of-a-kind event you will hear from a group of leading sexologists, men and women who have written chapters in the textbooks, authored the books, completed the research, taught undergraduate and graduate students, trained sex therapists and sex coaches, and practiced psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and sex therapy techniques and treatments.

  • Do you or your partner have "sexual fluidity"?
  • Is your outlook and sexual attitude negative and fearful or positive and joyful?
  • What would it take for you to experience deep and lasting intimate relationships?
  • Are you tired of the way things are and wanting to explore non-normative sex?
  • What do you think it takes to create extraordinary peak sexual experiences?
  • Is your sexual expression stifled because of an early childhood trauma?
  • Have you suffered an injury, an illness or inevitable chronic symptoms of aging?

In this very special first-of-its-kind virtual summit, many of your concerns and fears and questions will be addressed.  And if your unique problem or difficulty is not discussed, you will now have access to just the right professional who can help you find a solution for yourself.


  • Are you upset by your partner's unusual sexual requests?
  • Would you like some answers about your own sexuality?
  • Do you feel as if your sexual life is over because ...?


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