Love In The Age Of Covid 19

Love, Self

Love is in the air – so they say when Spring is here.
And Covid 19 droplets and linger in the air for up to 8 minutes – so they say.

But something else is also lurking in the air – more deadly than a disease-causing virus.

  • Fear – fear of the virus, fear of each other, fear of the future, fear of facing ourselves
  • Distrust and Hostility – toward some of our leaders and many of our fellow humans
  • Blame – of China, our government, our leaders, our health care system, our intimate partners
  • Confusion – from the conflicting “truths” about this global pandemic and what to do
  • Depression – lethargy, lack of motivation, and even violence toward our most intimate partner
  • Loss of job, lack of finances – feeling useless, worthless, and undervalued in this society

The upside, if there is one, of this strange and devastating moment in history includes:

  • Rethinking the way we live our lives and run our business affairs
  • Slowing down, staying in place, and appreciating all the good that we have in our lives
  • Taking time to enjoy the beauty of nature - the grass, trees, birds, sun, clouds....
  • Spending real quality time with our family, roommates, or intimate partner
  • Getting to know potential partners through video chats instead of instant physical gratification
  • Spending quality time with our own self, reflecting upon our values, dreams and intentions

Staying at home has afforded many of us the luxury of watching those videos and webinars and inspirational talks that we could not previously schedule the time to watch.

At this point, for one more week, my current virtual summit is available for FREE – The Science and Poetry of Love Summit.

It is all about love – the power of love to create harmony, joy, physical, emotional and spiritual health and most of all, the power that each and every one of us has to create lasting love with our own self and with all the people in our life.

What are you doing, right now, this moment, to add more love in your life, in your world, and in the lives of everyone with whom you come in contact?

As we have heard repeatedly during this pandemic is: “We are all in this together!”  Although it often does not feel that way, the truth is: We are all interconnected.  We are energetic beings and our energy, even in our thoughts, is transferred back and forth from us to others and from others back to us – at any distance. 

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