What Women REALLY Want From A Man In A Relationship

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It doesn’t matter what era of time you’re talking about, women have always been a mystery to men. We are most certainly different creatures from seemingly different planets. It’s a wonder sometimes that we manage to form long term relationships at all in our current society!

Life was less complicated 200 years ago when women and men needed each other for survival.

Men worked and women had babies and together their goals centered around raising their family and maintaining the farm or family business. Basic needs were met and women accepted their roles as homemaker and nurturer.


She needed her man for financial support, protection, sperm and some form of affection and love (sadly, not always the highest priority).

Boy has that ever changed! Thank goodness!

Women’s lives today are a stark contrast to our lives of the past. We have careers, we pursue passions and fulfillment, we’re highly educated and we’ve become very self-sufficient and independent. We are fully capable of providing for ourselves and having children isn’t always a priority.

Gone are the days of needing a man for survival.

New York Cliche

So just what do we now want and need from a man?

It’s no wonder men have a difficult time figuring out exactly what their role is in a modern woman’s life. He no longer is the sole provider of financial support. She is no longer a damsel in distress that needs protection from predators or marauding tribes. She can even get pregnant on her own if she wants.

Those basic, primal functions that men are genetically wired for seem to no longer be critical to her existence.

....or are they?

I think the modern woman still wants her man to provide, protect and support her...just in different ways.

The Odyssey

Confused? Watch this video. Watch it more than once and really give it some thought and consideration. Expand your traditional definitions of these concepts and see how they still apply to what a woman wants and needs from her partner.

Melanie Gorman (YourTango Experts Senoir VP) hosts this extremely informative and thought provoking session about this question with our team of experts, including author John Gray, personal development coach Jan Bowen, speaker/presenter Jill Crosby and marriage and family therapist Nasrin Barkhordari.

I think you will thoroughly enjoy the conversation and find many answers to what your woman wants and needs from you!

These experts have so much relationship and self growth information on their websites. Take a peek, and while you’re there feel free to contact John, Jan, Jill or Nasrin!