Is Sleeping With Your Ex Ever A Good Idea? [VIDEO]


You've just gotten out of a long-term relationship and are still recovering. Even though your break up was bittersweet, you know that getting back on your feet is the real battle.

After all, you and your ex were together for a long time. Getting accustomed to being your own individual person after you functioned as a "we" for so long is truly the hardest part.

The more you think about it, you realize that not every aspect of your relationship was all that bad (ESPECIALLY the sex). So you cave. Just because you've broken up doesn't mean that you don't have good chemistry, right?

But here's the thing, when you add sex into the mix, things can get real messy, really fast. If your relationship was rocky when you were together as a couple, can you imagine what it will be like as friends with benefits?

Dr. Karen Finn has two main reasons to NOT jump in bed with your ex.  But that doesn't mean she's saying not to do it.  Before we offer the alternative, here are her top two reasons to keep a clean break from your ex.

1. It WILL confuse things further between you. 

It's possible that you're jumping into bed together for all of the wrong reasons. Karen says, "The thing is, you're probably viewing it differently now. For example, what if he's viewing it as an easy way to get his sexual needs met and you're viewing it as a sign that you're [getting] back together. Who winds up getting hurt? You do."

It's true that most relationships take a few breaks to truly break up. But can you honestly see yourself getting back together after all of the issues between you? 

2. Your emotions will come out — whether you like it or not.

As a long-term couple, you know the sexual needs and desires of your ex like the back of your hand. It's easy to find pleasure with your ex but underneath the joy lies the pain.  Any past feelings of hurt, resentment, sadness or fear that you hid during your relationship will eventually make themselves known.  

You have to know that sex with your ex comes with a price.  

That's the bottom line.  So what does Dr. Karen think about sex with an ex?  Watch the video to see the rest of her advice and then ask yourself, "Are you ready to handle whatever your latest romp brings to you?"  If the answer is no, then it's a bad idea.