9 Surefire Ways To Make Your Online Dating Profile Stand Out [VIDEO]


When it comes to online dating, there's definitely a science to filling out your profile. Sometimes, it almost seems like the amount of effort you put into attracting the right guy never pays off.

You'll hit it off with Prince Charming only for the disappointment to kick in once you exchange numbers. Not only do you have nothing in common, he's the complete opposite of your type. So where did you go wrong?

Let us know if we've got it right. One of the many interests you've mentioned in your profile is that you love pets. You also love long walks on the bench?

Are we getting any closer?

While it's great that you're making your preference known, it doesn't really hint at the type of person you are. Do yourself a favor and throw those overused points away!

What should you include in your online dating profile?

That's the million dollar question. Despite today's modern age of technology, the dating struggle has never been so real.

There are copious guides from questionable sources that promise you'll find your dream guy in just a few steps. Because of that, you can't help feeling skeptical of it all. You're no better off than where you started.

If figuring out what you should avoid putting in your profile leaves you with a major headache, keep reading.

We took this question to trusted Online Dating Expert Dina Colada to shed some light on this problem that many women face. She raises an excellent point about the online dating faux pas that women commit without even knowing. But before you let that deter you, she offers up the perfect solution.

At 0:28, Dina stresses that "[Don't be] boring Betty like 95% of the world that's out there...Make sure you don't forget the man when you're talking about yourself. You can talk about the traits that you like and what [your relationship will look like] when he's with you. Create your profile as a work of art."

If that tip was an eye opener for you, there are plenty more where that came from! Attracting the right men (while also getting rid of trolls) is all about being completely honest about what exactly you are looking for.

There's nothing wrong with wanting the white picket fence, and the perfect life. You can aim for the whole nine yards but be realistic about how you approach this. Don't have your date running for the hills before you've cracked open that bottle of wine.

If you want to keep his interest, it's super important that you heed Dina's advice. Ladies, trust us. It'll take your love life from boring to off the charts in no time at all.