Why You Shouldn't Fall In Love So Easily


There's no question that at the end of the day, we all want to feel loved. We want that person who won't hesitate to be there for us and just listen when we're going through rough times. But sometimes, we want this feeling so bad that we chase after it even when we know we shouldn't. It may seem sweet at first but that desperation to fall in love and pair off can end up hurting us in the end.

We think that life coach Amy Schoen has a point when she talks about the reasons why we shouldn't force ourselves to be with someone that we don't truly love (especially if we've only been on a few dates). We have to remember to be careful when we dive right into relationships because we really can end up getting hurt. There's nothing wrong with taking things slow and getting to know our partners; even though love at first sight is romanticized in all of the movies, the fact is that it's really hard to be in love with someone if we don't know and understand them. Rushing into things can make us miss some really important information or red flags. That's what makes it so important to slow things down and let the relationship build naturally. We'll find love when the time is right.