How To Tell Your Date What You're Really Looking For


Nowadays, when it comes to the dating game, the struggle is so real. Honestly, trying to find someone who shares the same interests as you sometimes feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Don't even get us started on how hard it is to meet people who are upfront about their intentions. Ladies, take it from us. If you're dating around with the hope that you'll find the perfect guy and get married, being totally honest about it will actually work in your favor.

We totally agree with all of the reasons that life coach Amy Schoen gives about why being honest with our dates about what we're looking for is the best option. If you're dating to find a husband, it's better to bring it up in conversation so you can judge whether you're both on the same page. Even though figuring out how to bring it up into conversation is half of the battle, it definitely has its perks. If he shuts down or seems uncomfortable with the idea, that's probably an indicator that he isn't looking for the same thing (at least right now). There is nothing worse than dating someone for a really long time, only to find out that they have no intention of taking things to the next level. Don't ever put yourself in that position because you deserve your happy ending.