Sex Toys Not Welcome In Georgia Town (But Guns Are Fine)


In Sandy Springs, Georgia, sex toys are prohibited unless you have a "bonafide medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial, or law enforcement purpose," according to a 2009 city ordinance.

Melissa Davenport, who is from Sandy Springs and has multiple sclerosis, is challenging that ordinance in court. She told TV station WSB that she and her husband started using sex toys when the disease made it difficult to be intimate. And while that might allow her to fall under the medical exception part of the law, she told the station that she finds it insulting that she'd have to ask her doctor to write her a sex toy prescription in order to make her purchase legal. And she's absolutely right!

“(Some people) have this dirty mind about how people are going to use it. People really do need devices because they need it for health reasons and to have a healthy intimate life with their spouse,” Davenport said. "The ordinance basically says the government can stick its nose in your bedroom... It's appalling. I just think it's ludicrous."

Davenport sued the city last month, along with another plaintiff. According to Consumerist, he is a man who buys sex toys both for his own personal use and to be used in his artwork. “We feel that this is really the government intruding on people’s private, intimate, sexual activity,” Gerry Weber, their lawyer, told msnbc. “We are asking a judge to find the ordinances unconstitutional because of that.”

Just to put the ordinance in perspective, we should be reminded that in the same state (my home state) it is legal to carry firearms into bars, nightclubs, school classrooms and certain government buildings. The sweeping gun deal was signed into law by Georgia's Gov. Nathan Deal earlier this year. The bill also allows religious leaders to "opt in" to allow guns on their worship premises. That it? Nope! The bill also grants permit-holders permission to carry weapons in airport common areas without penalty.

“Even the NRA [National Rifle Association] would agree that sex toys are less dangerous than guns,” Weber added, “so there is even less reason for the government to regulate sex toys.”

Weber is also arguing the sex toy ban violates the 14th Amendment. The city is due to respond to the lawsuit in June.

by Lo Lankford, from Care2

Source: MSNBC, Huffington Post

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This article was originally published at Care2. Reprinted with permission from the author.