Be Mine? The 15 Most Lovable Movie Boyfriends Of All Time


Listen, we know that it's unfair to compare our real-life romantic partners to the leading men we see on film. But every once in a while, is it so wrong to dream about ditching our husbands or boyfriends and running off to live with Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything ... ?

Yeah, it probably is. But that doesn't mean we can't fantasize in secret. (Unless we somehow find ourselves single on Valentine's Day; then we're free to fantasize about Lloyd in public.)

Even if Lloyd Dobler wasn't your cup of tea, you've gotta admit you were smitten with at least one of the many fantastic big-screen boyfriends who established impossible standards for all the decent men you've dated or settled down with.

Check out a few of the best below, then let us know about your favorite movie boyfriends in the comments: Lloyd Dobler, "Say Anything … "

There's something especially charming about a man who has no aspirations other than to just "hang" with the love of his life, even if her father doesn't think so. Other than, that is, kick-boxing. Because you know, it's the sport of the future.

Swoon over the rest of the guys over at Fox News Magazine: The 15 Best Movie Boyfriends In Film History

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