Did 'The Bachelor's' Clare Crawley Have Sex With Juan Pablo?

'The Bachelor's' Clare Crawley

On every season of The Bachelor, there's one woman who takes the brunt of the catty comments for spending just a little too much one-on-one time with the bachelor. This season that lucky lady is Clare Crawley.

Clare has been called pushy and controlling, and on last Monday's episode in Vietnam, she was called out for taking over the group date. According to Clare, though, viewers aren't getting the entire picture.

"That wasn't my intention — for them to feel pushed to the side or to feel like they were all on my date," the 32-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento tells YourTango. "I have nothing but love for these girls. And you can see — I mean, I guess you guys can't see this — but we all borrowed each other's clothes and helped each other with doing hair and supported each other … it's so unfortunate, hearing back, how they felt and their thoughts on it and their description of it."

In her defense, Clare continues, "I think there's a lot to be said for chemistry and a lot to be said for having that connection. And if somebody's feeling insecure about it, that's not something I can change or that's not something I can help them with. And I think at the end of the day, we all were there to fall in love — hopefully … I was doing my part in saying, 'This is what I want and this is me, how I act, whether cameras [are] around or not. This is how I'm going to be when I like a man and when I'm in a relationship or wanting to be in a relationship.'"

Acknowledging her housemates' daggers, Clare adds, "They had the same opportunities that I had. And also, I think that it takes two to partake in something. I can't just grab his hand and him have this limp hand. He's going to hold it back. And if he does that, so be it. If they're uncomfortable with it, I feel bad about that, but we all had equal opportunities for that."

Now as for that did-they-or-didn't-they romp in the ocean with Juan Pablo, Clare is keeping her comments concise: "He knew that that wasn't my intention in going in the water. He knew that nothing happened in the water — as well as everybody that was there."

YourTango: What was the most frustrating and hurtful part of your conversation with Juan Pablo prior to the rose ceremony?
Clare Crawley:
The hardest thing about that was the confusion. Because, like I said before — and like everybody saw — he was more than willing to go swimming in the ocean. He was more than willing to participate in it. He was more than willing to enjoy it. And I know there's no mics on in the ocean but he was having a blast just like I was having a blast. We were living in the moment, swimming in the ocean. And so, in my eyes, it just really was strange to me that he had such a dramatic opposite reaction to it. That threw me off. And what he was blaming it on was — one of the reasons was — he has a daughter and he didn't want his daughter to see something like this. But, again, I didn't understand it because — although I don't have children — I still have integrity. KEEP READING YOURTANGO'S INTERVIEW WITH CLARE CRAWLEY

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