'Bachelor's Elise Mosca On Her Relationship With The Situation

The Bachelor's Elise Mosca

Becoming a victim of the rumor mill is all part of the game when you sign up for reality TV, and former Bachelor hopeful Elise Mosca is learning that the hard way, thanks to rumors circulating that she's a party girl who frequented the smush room with Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

However, Mosca — who was not one of the lucky ones to receive a rose from Juan Pablo Galavis last week — is speaking out for the first time, claiming the unnamed source is completely off base.

"As far as myself being a party girl, I would say that's not true at all," says Mosca, a first grade teacher from Pennsylvania. "I don't have a steady income right now from my leave from teaching. I do have temporary jobs here and there, but other than that, I like to cozy up and read and study. So I think that's funny, the comments like that."

And as for her alleged relationship with "The Situation," the situation is simply they're friends — end of story.

YourTango: Despite her seeming to warm up to Juan Pablo, Sharleen still seems unsure of her feelings for him. What are your thoughts about Sharleen and her still being in the house?
Elise Mosca: From watching the show, it seems like Sharleen and Juan Pablo really have chemistry together that I never could understand because I never actually really could see it. I think it is interesting to see how they're growing this chemistry for each other. I really like Sharleen, and I think she's being very open and honest about her feelings, and it's going to be interesting to see where this goes.

YourTango: The women in the house feel Clare is possessive with Juan Pablo but their chemistry is clear. Do you think it's potential love between them or just lust?
Elise Mosca: Clare was lucky enough to get that first one-on-one date — that I think kind of put her in a better spot. He obviously is excited to fall in love, so when he goes on his first one-on-one date, that's going to stick with him. That was kind of the first real feeling. That was the first kiss. If the first kiss flopped, then he might not have kept going on with those feelings ... I think she had that advantage having that first date, but it does seem that they really do have something that they like about each other. We'll see where it goes.

YourTango: Is there anyone you feel is not in the house for the right reasons?
Elise Mosca: The right reasons — what are the right reasons? I think if Sharleen doesn't want kids, and walked in knowing … that's pretty interesting. I really like Sharleen. The fact that she has been so resistant, that kind of gets frustrating when there are people that 100 percent want kids. But at the same time, I think that every girl in the house is open to finding love. I don't know everyone's specific right reasons, but if you don't want kids, and you know Juan Pablo has a child, I think that's pretty interesting.

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