14 Last-Minute DIY Valentine's Day Ideas

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Want to have a DIY Valentine's Day this year? Now's a great time to start making! Here are some excellent resources to get you started.

Valentine's Day can be a little bit too consumption-focused, can't it? Buy a card. Buy a gift. Did you go to Jared? I know that it's just  Hallmark holiday, but it kind of bums me out that we've sort of lost the heart of Valentine's Day a little bit. Doing a DIY Valentine's Day instead lets you reclaim this day and make it about celebrating the people you love, rather than about swiping your credit card.

I know it can be a bummer to be single around Valentine's Day, and I think that's another part of this holiday that needs a little bit of reclaiming. Who says you have to celebrate a significant other? Make a yummy treat for your closest friend or a family member, and celebrate Valentine's Day your own way.

Below, I've got a mega-list of resources for having a DIY Valentine's Day, from treats and cards to make to fun ways to show your loved ones how you feel.

1. Make Your Own E-Card - Creative Green Living shows you how to use your own photos to make a virtual Valentine's Day card that you can send to everyone with no paper or shipping waste. She used Photoshop, but if you want to do this for free, I can't recommend PicMonkey enough. I use it constantly.

2. 5 Upcycled Valentine's Day Decorations - Get some romantic decor using items that were headed for your trash or recycle bin.

3. DIY Stitched Love Note - Use a thrift store frame and reclaimed fabric from your stash to make this sweet piece of DIY Valentine's Day art.

4. 10 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Him - Gifts for the fella in your life that you can make from reclaimed and upcycled materials.

5. 10 Best Valentine's Day Craft for Children - Get your kids in on the DIY Valentine's Day action, so they can learn the joy of making rather than consuming.

6. Handmade Valentine's Day Garland - Do a little decorating in DIY style! This project uses fabric scraps, but you could also cut out paper hearts and string them by hand, if you don't sew.

7. 5 Great DIY Valentine's Day Projects - Making everything from the flowers to the food by hand means a low-impact holiday with way more heart.

"These were my test run for actual Valentine's Day, and my husband and I demolished the whole batch in 2 days! We managed not to eat the dessert

toppers, just barely."

8. Vegan Rice Crispy Treats - Whip up a batch of sweet treats, and make them extra special with a homemade dessert topper made from junk mail!

9. 33 Ways to Upcycle Gift Cards - Did you get any gift cards for Valentine's Day? Don't toss them after you spend them! You can use that sturdy plastic in lots of fun, crafty ways.

10. Baby Heart Legwarmers - Maybe it's that I'm a new mom, but my baby boy is definitely getting a pair of these for Valentine's Day this year!

11. Last-Minute DIY Valentine's Day Ideas - I am eying those paper strip DIY Valentine's Day cards for sure! What a great way to use up some junk mail and make it useful.

12. 7 Gifts You Can Make in a Mason Jar - Who needs the big box store when you can make sweet, simple gifts yourself?

13. Vegan Valentine's Day Menu - Eating out on Valentine's Day is so stressful and expensive. Whip up a delicious, cruelty-free meal instead! With all of the romantic decoration ideas on this list, you can give your kitchen table or dining room more ambiance than any restaurant.

14. 6 Adorable DIY Valentine's Day Cards - Does your kid's school do a card exchange? Get crafty to make unique DIY Valentine's Day cards that his classmates will love.

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