Check Out The Wild And Wacky Things In The YourTango Office!

Buzz, Sex

Bet you don't have anything this fun in your cubicle.

YourTango is like a lot of other offices in a lot of ways. Nice, industrious people, a cool boss, too much caffeine. But there's one way in which we are just a wee bit different from other offices: the toys. And when we say toys, we mean…well, you'll see.



Like the duck from the Red Room of Pain
Or the huge crate of condoms from Trojan (one box is suspiciously missing…)
The vibrator from G-Vibe that just showed up in the mail one day
The vibrating ring from Durex…
which came in a six-pack.
The wide assortment of erotica that arrives on a daily basis
And don't forget the sex manuals!
Or the guides on being a vixen
And of course, the grab bag of naughtiness courtesy of Trojan Thanks for the love, guys!



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