The One Thing That Makes Men Assume You'll Have Sex With Them

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A fun new study from Hendrix College in Arkansas asked a co-ed group of college students about their general interest in sex, and their perception of other people's interest in sex. (By answering questions such as, "When a man [or woman] goes out to a bar, how likely is it that he [or she] is interested in finding someone to have sex with that night?" Aka, which gender wants it more?)

Then, the researchers kept the subjects up all night (chastely! obviously) and asked the same round of questions to the now sleep-deprived students.

It turns out that, in general, people agree that men are more interested in having sex. BUT, sleep-deprived male college students rated female sexual intent as just as high or higher than that of men. In other words, when men are tired, they're way more likely to assume a woman is sexually interested.

So, men! Don't go to a bar when you've gone too long without sleep? Or, I dunno, do. (Maybe some shy guys need the extra encouragement?)

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