Do You Suffer From FOBU: Fear Of Breaking Up?


FOBU. We've defined it, we've located it in pop culture and now we leave it to you: Are you suffering from FOBU?

Here are 10 telltale signs:

1. Every time you see an email, text or chat from your partner, you feel a twinge of resentment.

2. You spend hours upon hours Googling and Facebook-stalking your exes to see what their happily-ever-afters looked like.

3. You also obsessively look at your partner's Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr or any other digital profile, searching for some insight into why you're so unhappy with them.

4. But for every flaw or incompatibility you find, you quickly start making excuses for them, and telling yourself and your friends that it's not that bad and there's really no good reason why you two should split.

5. You've played out the full end of your relationship in your mind countless times — what you would say ("It's over! I mean it this time!"), what you would do next, who you would call. If you live together, you've mentally divided your possessions down to the last CD.

6. You find yourself picking fights, and then refusing to resolve them, because you're hoping that your partner will break it up once and for all and spare you the agony of deciding whether or not to end it.

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