March 14 Is "Steak And BJ Day" — Will You Celebrate?

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Steak & BJ Day
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It's his turn, apparently.

We are sure you have been asking yourself, when is Steak and BJ Day!? Well, guys, it's March 14th and is also "affectionately" known as the "Valentine's Day for guys."

Yes, it's an actual holiday, and it's upon us. It's no surprise that Steak and BJ Day is celebrated exactly one month after Valentine's Day (A holiday for women, apparently. Who knew?) in order to give men a turn. Yes, we are definitely rolling our eyes, too.


While Valentine’s Day is a day where — in America, at least — men are expected to buy their significant others flowers, or chocolates and devote the evening to proving their love in a (mostly) monetary sense, it seems like Steak and Blowjob Day is quite the opposite of that. It’s a day devoted to servicing your man’s meat and … serving him meat as well!

A lot of women are confused as to why this “holiday” is considered a man’s “answer to Valentine’s,” which is a holiday where you’re supposed to express love for your partner or spouse, and not just expect sexual favors. Valentine's also clearly isn’t just for ladies, but good luck convincing them of that when steak and BJs are on the line.

Still, despite the confusion as it being “an answer” to the romantic holiday, it’s pretty obvious why men would be excited at the prospect of a day where they get pampered—in more ways than one—by their significant other. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand what guys were thinking when they set out to create it, either. Still, it’s like any other holiday in that you can choose whether or not to participate, although this refusal might be a little personal for that special man in your life. Or, it can even be a fun way to introduce him to it, if he hasn’t celebrated before.

We asked readers to weigh in on Facebook and Twitter about this very important issue. As expected, we received answers that ranged from joy to disbelief.

Here are 10 of our favorite reactions people had when they learned about March 14, Steak and BJ Day!

1. Why shouldn't guys have a day like this? And really, as long as they reciprocate, why is this "gross?" - Karen Barsch, Facebook


2. It is NOT!! I am 39 yrs old and have NEVER heard of such a thing. Since when has this been a "holiday"?! - Leticia Moreno, Facebook

3. Had no idea. Will add to calendar. - @mistymoore2012, Twitter


4. *Rolls eyes* - Sommer DeAnna Sutphin, Facebook

5.  One word: meaty. - @flygirllmg, Twitter

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6. Like I need to be a man! - Damaris Rodriguez, Facebook


7. I would so cook my man a steak and service him any way he wanted any day he wanted!! that's just how I roll!! - @Rebecca43905441, Twitter

8. My yearly dose of steak. A more laid back version of Valentine's. What I'm doing on Thursday. - @_Hersolution_, Twitter

9. Sounds gross to me ... I grew up in a generation where that was not considered an entitlement and perverted, too. Sorry! Steak and sweets would be okay, but not that. - Marta A. Sloane, Facebook


10. I hope I get one. - William Charles Schulte, Facebook 

Now it's your turn: What's your take on Steak and BJ Day?