Will Having Sex With My Ex Bring Us Back Together?


 It is often tempting to fall back into an ex's arms or better yet an ex's bed, but is it ever wise to do so? Chances are if you're taking your ex up on his offer for sex, you're either not completely over him or you're interested in pursuing that physical relationship. It's important to evaluate your feelings before jumping back into bed with an ex or you could end up getting hurt. Love consultants Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal join us to discuss what happens when you rekindle a physical relationship with an ex. 

After you and your ex reconnect in the bedroom, you may be left wondering where this is going. Matt Titus says not to put too much hope into the two of you getting back together. "Being physically attracted to an ex flame is a lot easier than being psychologically or emotionally attracted."  With that being said, you cannot restablish a healthy relationship with an ex based on sex alone. If you're looking for more than just sex, you and your ex must both be willing to take a step out of the bedroom to reconnect. 

For more tips on reconnecting with your ex outside the bedroom, watch the video above.