Ugh ... Are You Dating A Chump?

dating a chump

The issue of gender roles in the context of dating is something that's been addressed here on YourTango. But now, a recent Twitter rant by celebrity little brother Rob Kardashian — involving accusations that his ex cheated on him with more than 20 men — has put the argument back in the spotlight.

If a man puts up with, in this case, ongoing cuckolding — or any type of behavior that's disrespectful to the relationship — is that an anti-Alpha male character trait? And if he takes to social media to air his grievances, is that considered more a "female" thing to do? Our friends over at Madame Noir are making the case for "yes" in response to both of these questions, and have even compiled a list of signs that you may be dating a punk, a chump, a sucker, or whatever you prefer to call a man who needs to man up. 

Click over to read the list and let us know if you agree with these characterizations of how men "should" behave: Man Up! Signs Your Guy May Be A Bit Of A Punk

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