Bachelor Pad Episode 3 Recap: Jake Vs. Kasey

Bachelor Pad Episode 3
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The show kicks off right where last week's rose ceremony ends. Why? Because the drama never ends in this house. Melissa lambasts Blake  for flirting with Holly after he spent the previous evening with his tongue in her mouth. He's pretty sure he's going home if he doesn't win a challenge.

And just like that—a challenge! The next day the cast has to learn and perform a synchronized swimming routine. The girls just know they are going to tear the boys a new one, but end up looking like hot messes in practice. Meanwhile, the guys are like watery little angels. Bachelor Pad Episode 2: Easy Targets

Olympian Karen Rosolowski comes out to judge, but the cast goes bananas when last season's BP winners, Dave and Natalie, arrive to judge the competition. If you can polish a turd, at least the ladies looked good in their regulation plastic flower swimwear. As for the guys, Jake and his oversized bathing suit area steal the show. But Mike walks away a winner. Michelle also nabs a top spot. ONE DAY Movie Contest: Tell A Love Story, Win Free Flicks & More

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Let's make this a regular thing!

After the waterworks, Jake (who didn't win) gets right to work on convincing the padders to vote off Vienna and Jake. Oddly, in a rare moment, Vienna is actually nice to Jake. She says, "Nice job." Which makes Kasey lose his mind—but not that awful voice. He screams at her and Vienna cries. If this weren't televised, it'd be called domestic violence.