Kate Plus 8 Season Premiere: Kate, Love & Cupcakes

Kate Gosselin
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She's backkkk! After a brutal divorce, Kate Gosselin is once again gracing our TV screens, ready and raring to conquer the dating scene as a single, dedicated mother of eight. With a fresh new hairstyle and her commanding attitude in tow, Kate takes the kids to Washington, D.C. for a visit to another TLC show, D.C. Cupcakes. Apparently it's the twins' (Mady and Cara) favorite show. Really? (Kate must be contractually obligated to only play TLC.)

While at "the cakery," the girls made frosting and headband cupcakes (which sounded like a bad idea—and it was) while Kate ate frosting by the spoonful. She also pretended to work for living for about three minutes as a baker, proclaiming it as "fun."

Then she eyed a hunky passerby outside the cupcake store, who was standing there confused about the commotion going on inside. Kate, who was admiring his sunglasses and good hair, made her bodyguard Steve drag him in so she could present him with a cupcake. Alas, the mysterious hunk, named Chad, had no idea who Kate was. Womp womp. Quiz: Which Jersey Shore Character Are You?

The twins (one of whom is unfortunately starting to resemble her dad in the chin department) and Kate then hopped in a limo and headed to Annapolis, MD for the rest of the afternoon for a visit with Jon's aunt and uncle (and to eat crab cakes, yum).

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Kate's overworked nanny setup a day of summer activities to keep the rest of the kids busy for approximately 10 minutes. They made team T-shirts, competed in potato sack races, played tug-of-war and cried. Cute as ever (thank God), the sextuplets were entertaining to watch run around like maniacs and mispronounce words.

Peppered throughout this humdrum episode was Kate's monotonous monologue—as if we needed help understanding any of this. We didn't.

At least her hair looked good.

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Photo Courtesy of TLC.